June 20th, 2019

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Word of the Day 06/20/19 Responsive

Responsive (adjective)
responsive [ ri-spon-siv ]
(previously 05-12-13)

1. responding especially readily and sympathetically to appeals, efforts, influences, etc.: a responsive government.
2. Physiology. acting in response, as to some stimulus.
3. characterized by the use of responses: responsive worship.

re·spon·sive·ly, adverb
hy·per·re·spon·sive, adjective
hy·per·re·spon·sive·ly, adverb
hy·per·re·spon·sive·ness, noun
non·re·spon·sive, adjective
non·re·spon·sive·ly, adverb
qua·si-re·spon·sive, adjective
qua·si-re·spon·sive·ly, adverb
un·re·spon·sive, adjective
un·re·spon·sive·ly, adverb
un·re·spon·sive·ness, noun

sympathetic, sensible, conscious, susceptible, receptive, compassionate, aware, sensitive, active, reactive, alive, awake, forthcoming, impressionable, kindhearted, open, passionate, perceptive, persuadable, sentient

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1. receptive, understanding, sympathetic.

Origin: First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English word from Late Latin word respōnsīvus. See response, -ive

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