May 31st, 2019

Spanish Bridge

Say What Friday

Hello all. Welcome to the final Friday of the month. We have survived another month. Yay us!

Today's quote is...

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." Albert Einstein

Write 100 words or 2 icons/1 banner and be rewarded with a drabble from a fandom of your choice or me adding a 100 words to one of my wips.

Happy creating.

P.S. Remember to update your numbers since Haldoor will be counting sometime this weekend.
Music week

Last Dance! Last chance to get you in the mood...

... to write. Right? ;)

Love to love you ~ Sexy Back ~ Sexual Healing

There's something about you girl, that makes me sweat.

I ain't gonna push, won't push you baby

No more standin' along the side walls

No harvest moon to light one tender August night

I've got the sweetest hangover

And the wonder of it all Is that you just don't realize how much I love you

Lenny Kravitz ~ Diana Krall ~ Earth, Wind, & Fire

And that's it folks! I'm out of town of for a couple of weeks, so if you get your fics and graphics posted by June 14th, there will be some kind of participation reward thingy some time after that!!!!


Weekend Challenge: Who Are You?

This weekend's challenge ties into my CSI nostalgia. Give me a number between 1 and 795 and I'll give you an episode title from one of the four CSI series.

If you link to to work by 11:59pm on Thursday, June 6th, I'll reward you with a ficlet. List of fandoms I write in shall be linked as soon as I finish compiling it - or you can mosey over to my AO3 account.

I still owe ficlets from the last two times I hosted - I'm going to try and remember to poke the relevant parties over the next week to get that arranged.
vote: your right

Word of the Day 05/31/19 Brainchild

Brainchild (noun)
brainchild or brain-child, brain child [ breyn-chahyld ]

noun, plural brain·chil·dren.
1. a product of one's creative work or thought.

product, creation, discovery, idea, contrivance, innovation, inspiration, plan

See more synonyms on

Origin: First recorded in 1880–85; brain + child

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Welcome to the June Daily Count Challenge!

Behind the cut you will find a list of everyone participating in the Daily Count Challenge and their day. I'm 99% certain I got everyone who signed up and put them on the correct days, but if I missed up, or a day doesn't work out, comment to this entry and let me know.

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Every Friday night I will put up a reminder post for the next week. If someone forgets to post that they've done their writing for the day, the next person will know it's their turn and can post after they've done their writing.

For example, it's 05 June and sharpiesgal hasn't made a post saying that they've done their daily writing, on 06 June, flipflop_diva can post when they've done their writing to keep things moving on.

I think I've covered everything, but if not, please let me know.