May 30th, 2019

tortoise and hare

Word of the Day 05/30/19 Plastic

Plastic (noun, adjective)
plastic [ plas-tik ]
(previously 05-10-13)

1. Often plastics. any of a group of synthetic or natural organic materials that may be shaped when soft and then hardened, including many types of resins, resinoids, polymers, cellulose derivatives, casein materials, and proteins: used in place of other materials, as glass, wood, and metals, in construction and decoration, for making many articles, as coatings, and, drawn into filaments, for weaving. They are often known by trademark names, as Bakelite, Vinylite, or Lucite.
2. a credit card, or credit cards collectively, usually made of plastic: He had a whole pocketful of plastic.
3. money, payment, or credit represented by the use of a credit card or cards.
4. something, or a group of things, made of or resembling plastic: The entire meal was served on plastic.Collapse )
Music week

Easy like Thursday morning!

Alright, Today's playlist is easy listening. The stuff you don't really notice is playing in the background until you are belting the chorus out like you are on stage in Vegas. You know you do it. ;)

Just my imagination ~ Taste of Honey ~ I can see clearly now

You were my strength when I was weak

Well, chances are your chances are awfully good

Because I'm easy, Easy like Sunday morning

In other words, baby, kiss me

All you have to do is call

Barry Manilow ~ Burt Bacharach ~ Andy Williams</em>

Sure it's mostly oldies, but that's what makes them easy to listen to!!!

Now make me some easy words and graphics!