May 29th, 2019

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Word of the Day 05/29/19 Camp

Camp (noun, verb)
camp [ kamp ]

1. a place where an army or other group of persons or an individual is lodged in a tent or tents or other temporary means of shelter.
2. such tents or shelters collectively: The regiment transported its camp in trucks.
3. the persons so sheltered: The camp slept through the storm.
4. the act of camping out: Camp is far more pleasant in summer than in winter.
5. any temporary structure, as a tent or cabin, used on an outing or vacation.
6. a group of troops, workers, etc., camping and moving together.
7. army life.
8. a group of people favoring the same ideals, doctrines, etc.: Most American voters are divided into two camps, Republicans and Democrats.
9. any position in which ideals, doctrines, etc., are strongly entrenched: After considering the other side's argument, he changed camps.
10. a recreation area in the country, equipped with extensive facilities for sports.
11. day camp.
12. summer camp.

verb (used without object)
13. to establish or pitch a camp: The army camped in the valley.
14. to live temporarily in or as if in a camp or outdoors, usually for recreation (often followed by out): They camped by the stream for a week.
15. to reside or lodge somewhere temporarily or irregularly, especially in an apartment, room, etc.: They camped in our apartment whenever they came to town.
16. to settle down securely and comfortably; become ensconced: The kids camped on our porch until the rain stopped.
17. to take up a position stubbornly: They camped in front of the president's office.

verb (used with object)
18. to put or station (troops) in a camp; shelter.

encampment, tent, affected, pop, avant-garde, in, wild, arch, mod, posturing, shed, chalet, shack, tilt, shanty, lean-to, hut, cottage, caravansary, lodge

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Origin: 1520–30; < Middle French can, camp, orig. dial. (Normandy, Picardy) or < Old Provençal < Italian campo < Latin campus field; compare Old English campe, compe battle, battlefield (cognate with German Kampf struggle) < Germanic < Latin

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Music week


There is something that makes me smile when I hear the word Motown. Something that reminds me of summers (although I know they weren't all summer songs), something that makes me think happy thoughts of family (although they weren't all family songs), and something that makes me think I know all the words (and I don't!).

Superstition ~ Dancing in the Streets ~ My Girl

Oh, I'm just about to lose my mind

Don't you want me no more

My opinion is he's the cream of the crop

I'll hold you close in my arms

But your love won't pay my bills

I'll surely miss your tender kiss

Smokey Robinson ~ The Temptations ~ Jackson 5

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