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May 23rd, 2019

Word of the Day 05/23/19 Jockey

Jockey (noun, verb)
jockey [ jok-ee ]

noun, plural jock·eys.
1. a person who rides horses professionally in races.
2. Informal. a person who pilots, operates, or guides the movement of something, as an airplane or automobile.

verb (used with object), jock·eyed, jock·ey·ing.
3. to ride (a horse) as a jockey.
4. Informal. to operate or guide the movement of; pilot; drive.
5. to move, bring, put, etc., by skillful maneuvering: The movers jockeyed the sofa through the door.
6. to trick or cheat: The salesman jockeyed them into buying an expensive car.
7. to manipulate cleverly or trickily: He jockeyed himself into office.

verb (used without object), jock·eyed, jock·ey·ing.
8. to aim at an advantage by skillful maneuvering.
9. to act trickily; seek an advantage by trickery.

handle, navigate, ride, move, direct, negotiate, twist, turn, position, guide, steer, pilot

jock·ey·like, jock·ey·ish, adjective
jock·ey·ship, noun

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1520–30; special use of Jock + -ey

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

A to Z Challenge

You can post this on your own journal, your AO3, here or wherever you archive your works. Just leave us a link here if you can.

Now everyone give me a


Daily challenge to simplyn2deep!

I keep having major fails when it's my turn for the challenge. I had a work deadline yesterday, and even though I meant to write after the baby went to bed, I just took an accidental nap on the couch instead. Hopefully today will be better since there are words brewing in my brain and waiting to come out!

Now, it's your turn simplyn2deep! You've got this!

Bring on the Neon!

Okay, I'm going to date myself by saying the music of the 80's are what formed what can be considered my very unusual tastes in music. 

Or, if you're my husband, you can tell me I have no taste, but I digress.  Hah. 

It was a time of experimental music, crossovers galore, and some of the weirdest lyrics ever heard.

I wish I was in Tijuana eating barbecued iguana.

Everyone's a super hero, everyone's a Captain Kirk

I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine

Five bonus points to anyone who can name the songs those lyrics belong to.  Lyrics, by the way, that I sadly did not have to Google.  Um, thank you, Spotify?

In addition to oddball music, we were gifted with some amazing talent:

Bryan Adams

Hall & Oats

Billy Joel

And some of these fabulous songs:

"Safety Dance" - Men Without Hats

"Break My Stride" - Matthew Wilder

"Video Killed the Radio Star" - The Buggles

And an honorary mention - "Bad Boys" by Wham!  A song I never even knew existed until my kid took a History of Pop Music class this year.  She's officially a George Michael fan.  Gotta say, she's definitely my kid.  :D


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