May 18th, 2019

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Word of the Day 05/18/19 Rhubarb

Rhubarb (noun)
rhubarb [ roo-bahrb ]

1. any of several plants belonging to the genus Rheum, of the buckwheat family, as R. officinale, having a medicinal rhizome, and R. rhabarbarum, having edible leafstalks.
2. the rhizome of any medicinal species of this plant, forming a combined cathartic and astringent.
3. the edible, fleshy leafstalks of R. rhabarbarum, used in making pies, preserves, etc.
4. Slang. a quarrel or squabble.

discussion, argument, controversy, hassle, dispute, quarrel

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Origin: 1350–1400; Middle English rubarb, reubarb < Old French r(e)ubarbe < Medieval Latin reubarbarum < Greek rhéon bárbaron foreign rhubarb

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