May 10th, 2019

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Word of the Day 05/10/19 Novice

Novice (noun)
novice [ nov-is ]
(previously 05-08-13)

1. a person who is new to the circumstances, work, etc., in which he or she is placed; beginner; tyro: a novice in politics.
2. a person who has been received into a religious order or congregation for a period of probation before taking vows.
3. a person newly become a church member.
4. a recent convert to Christianity.

nov·ice·hood , noun
nov·ice·like , adjective

beginner, learner, neophyte, newcomer, pupil, trainee, gremlin, convert, tenderfoot, proselyte, punk, colt, novitiate, recruit, mark, cub, student, rookie, amateur, fledgling

See more synonyms on
1. newcomer.
1, 2. neophyte.

Origin: 1300–50; Middle English novyce < Middle French novice < Medieval Latin novītius convent novice, variant of Latin novīcius newly come into a particular status, derivative of novus new. See -itious

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Weekend Challenge: The Parent Trope

Happy Friday, everyone!

This weekend is Mother's Day, so I bring you a collection of 109 parental tropes I collected from TVTropes. And, in honor of all the Mr Moms, out there, I've included some Dad-specific tropes, though ANY of these can easily be interchangeable/interpreted per your preferred fandom.

You can request as many prompts as you like - just give me the number(s) or ask for random!

Can I Get a Yeehaw?

My go-to comfort music is country.  Preferably cheesy 80’s era country.  Dolly Parton, Dan Seals, the Oaks, all of it.  One of my favorites is Shelley West’s “Jose Cuervo”.

Who is this cowboy who’s sleeping beside me?
He’s awful cute but how’d I get his shirt on?
I had too much tequila last night…

The above is the battle cry for one of my characters.  Hah!

But I’m all about the newer stuff, too.  Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift has always inspired me with her lyrics.  You don’t have to say it – I know she’s not THE BEST SONGWRITER – but for some reason her lyrics always resonate with me.

When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think about me (“Tim McGraw”)

Which is very accurate because, when this song came out, Tim was my man.  He’s since been replaced by a tall, dorky, drunk Oakie but I digress.

I said, "No one has to know what we do"
His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room
(“Wildest Dreams”)

This is my favorite Taylor Swift song and has inspired many ideas on long drives into work.  Shocked that Andy hasn’t had his Wildest Dream moment yet.  Hmmm… I feel an AU coming on.

Her song “Clean” reminds me of so many pairings, so many unhealthy ships.  But… I think I’m finally clean.

I know I’m getting old because one of my favorite 90’s-era country stars – Rhett Akins – now has a son (Thomas Rhett) who is making hits.  How did that happen?

It’s crazy for me to stop and look back at what my mom was listening to back in the 70’s and 80s – things like The Statler Brothers and Kenny Rogers – and what I hear today – Lee Brice, Carrie Underwood, Lil Nas X (LOL)… it’s really come a long way.  But no matter what, it continues to inspire me in new and creative ways all the time.

I mean, even my username comes from a country song.  ;)