May 1st, 2019

Music week

Merry Month of .... Music!

Well hello there, and welcome to:


My plan, is to posts prompts every week day from 6th to the 31st. Lyrics, titles, genres, artists. Anything that might inspire words and graphics.

But to do this, I'm needing input from all of you! Tell me your favorites. What line always makes you plot? What genre makes you see serene landscapes? What artist inspires you to do more? Give 'em to me! (no more than 5 each please).

What else do you need to do? Give me 1000 words, 10 graphics, or a video. Do this by June 7th and you will get a shiny participation banner! It's all mix and match. Song fic, band fic, drabbles, meta essay, icons, banners, fan vid of your fab OTP! All of one or some of each!

Now sing me out some prompts!

Word of the Day 05/01/19 Conlang

Conlang (noun)
conlang [ kon-lang ]

1. an artificially constructed language used by a group of speakers, as opposed to one that has naturally evolved: conlangs such as Esperanto and Klingon.

See also artificial language.

Origin: First recorded in 1990–95; blend of con(structed) and lang(uage)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.