March 20th, 2019

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Word of the Day 03/20/19 Exculpate

Exculpate (verb)
exculpate [ek-skuhl-peyt, ik-skuhl-peyt]
(previously 05-03-13)

verb (used with object), ex·cul·pat·ed, ex·cul·pat·ing.
1. to clear from a charge of guilt or fault; free from blame; vindicate.

Related forms
ex·cul·pa·ble [ik- skuhl -puh-buh  l] /ɪkˈskʌl pə bəl/ , adjective
ex·cul·pa·tion , noun
non·ex·cul·pa·ble , adverb
non·ex·cul·pa·tion , noun
self-ex·cul·pa·tion , noun
un·ex·cul·pa·ble , adjective
un·ex·cul·pat·ed , adjective

Can be confused
exonerate, inculpate

Related Words for exculpate
acquit, pardon, vindicate, rationalize, clear, dismiss, absolve, remit, excuse, free, release, discharge, amnesty, condone, explain, exonerate, justify

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Origin: 1650–60; < Latin exculpātus freed from blame, equivalent to ex- ex-1 + culpātus blamed (past participle of culpāre; see culpable)

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