March 17th, 2019


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I managed a combination of hours of editing/re-writing and roleplay writing for a Sunday total of 6592...not too shabby.
My wip up for re-write/edit has gained 30 pages (some of which are the blank flipside pages at the end of chapters but still) Filling in continuity gaps after a first draft always gives me an increase. I'm about 1/2 through It'll probably lose some in follow up edits, but it feels like is flowing better now.

shameless plug...its the sequel to the book that is coming out on April 1st :D

February Bingo rewards!

I am slow with everything this year, but at least I've managed to get the February Bingo rewards banners done! YAY!

All of our Bingo participants did fantastically! You have all earned the banners, so feel free to take them and display them wherever you like!

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Join me now in congratulating all of our Bingo winners! *claps loudly*