March 14th, 2019

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Word of the Day 03/14/19 Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa (noun)
tabula rasa [tab-yuh-luh rah-suh, -zuh, rey-; Latin tah-boo-lah rah-sah]

noun, plural ta·bu·lae ra·sae [tab-yuh-lee rah-see, -zee, rey-; Latin tah-boo-lahy rah-sahy] /ˈtæb yəˌli ˈrɑ si, -zi, ˈreɪ-; Latin ˈtɑ bʊˌlaɪ ˈrɑ saɪ/.
1. a mind not yet affected by experiences, impressions, etc.
2. anything existing undisturbed in its original pure state.

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Origin: First recorded in 1525–35, tabula rasa is from the Latin word tabula rāsa scraped tablet, clean slate

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Numbers Challenge

The rules are:

1. Each post is either a hundred words or more/ or you can make a graphic/art

2. However the number influences you, go with the flow! I don’t care how you use or abuse the number! (I’ll give some suggestions/ideas/other languages to help you along if you get stuck!)

3. Post anywhere – tumblr,, your journal, AO3, the dreaded, your bedroom wall, etc.

4. There is NO time limit.

And the number shall be ...15!

Go forth and create!

Having a Bad Day

Say What Friday

Hello all. Welcome to another Friday.

This happens to be March 15th, so beware the Ides of March. Never know who is waiting around to stab you in the back and other places.

This week's quote concerns betrayal.

"Beware the person who stabs you and then tells the world they're the one bleeding."
Jill Blakeway

Have fun with it.

Write a 100 words or create 1 graphic and I will reward you with a drabble from a fandom of your choice or a 100 words added to one of my wips.