March 10th, 2019

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Word of the Day 03/10/19 Disparity

Disparity (noun)
dis·par·i·ty [dih-spar-i-tee]
(previously 05-02-13)

noun plural dis·par·i·ties.
1. lack of similarity or equality; inequality; difference: a disparity in age; disparity in rank.

Related forms
non·dis·par·i·ty , noun, plural non·dis·par·i·ties.

Related Words for disparity
divergence, variation, gap, inequality, discrepancy, distinction, imbalance, diverseness, incongruity, divergency, disproportion, unevenness, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, otherness, dissemblance, imparity

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Origin: 1545–55; < Middle French desparite < Late Latin disparitas; see dis- , parity

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