February 6th, 2019

  • haldoor

WIP Push rewards post

Bingo is underway, so that's wonderful, but I suddenly remembered I hadn't done a final WIP Push post!

Jan 2019-WIP-banner.jpg

How did you do? Did you finish your WIP and get it posted? Make astounding progress, but not quite there yet? Just add a few words? Link us here if you finished (Or remind me if you already linked it in a previous WIP Push post) and feel so inclined, or just advise what sort of progress you made.

I'm ready to make banners to reward anyone who took part, so let me know here if you'd like one. I can do 'participation' ones for those of you like me who wrote words in one but didn't finish, and I can do 'completed' ones for anyone who finished, posted or not!

Oh, and I managed 3291 words on mine!