January 20th, 2019

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Word of the Day 01/20/19 Languid

Languid (adjective)
languid [lang-gwid]
(previously 04-28-13)

1. lacking in vigor or vitality; slack or slow: a languid manner.
2. lacking in spirit or interest; listless; indifferent.
3. drooping or flagging from weakness or fatigue; faint.

Related forms
lan·guid·ly , adverb
lan·guid·ness , noun
un·lan·guid , adjective
un·lan·guid·ly , adverb
un·lan·guid·ness , noun

Related Words for languid
lazy, languorous, unhurried, leisurely, laid-back, lackadaisical, sluggish, lethargic, apathetic, blah, comatose, dopey, easy, enervated, faint, feeble, heavy, impassive, inactive, indifferent

Synonyms for languid
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1. inactive, inert, sluggish, torpid.
2. spiritless.
3. weak, feeble, weary, exhausted, debilitated.

Antonyms for languid
1. active, energetic.
3. vigorous.

Origin: First recorded in 1590–1600, languid is from the Latin word languidus faint. See languish, -id

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