January 18th, 2019

  • cmk418

Weekend Challenge: Page One

Hello, everyone, and hooray, that the weekend has arrived!

Every issue of Poets & Writers magazine features a little section called Page One where some intriguing first lines are taken from recently released works. I've gathered a list of 26 of these lines, complete with book titles and authors.

Choose a number from 1-26 and I'll give you a prompt. If any part of it (quote, title, or author) inspires you to write 200 or more words or create an artwork for it by Thursday January 24 at 11:59 CST, please leave a link here. If you like, I can reward you with a drabble (recent fandoms are here), words to a WIP, or one hour of editing time to one of my "still in the drawer" NaNo novels.

Have fun and happy writing!

PS - I'm posting this before work, so there may be a delay before prompts are sent out.

Passing the Daily Count torch to...CSIChick_2!

I put down 465 words on my 'main' WIP for the month, and another couple hundred on another one that has started knocking on the door, asking to be written. :) I even got a little writing flow going in the brain, there, for half an hour and damn that was nice!

So I happily pass the relay torch to csichick_2 -- hope you have a good challenge day, too!