December 31st, 2018

fall tree

Goodbye 2018...


Okay, whew, now I’m out of breath from all that shouting.  But here we are – on the last day of 2018.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to close the door on this year and move on.  It’s… been a rough one for me but thanks to all y’all, I’ve managed to make it through.  So, thank you for that.  On the bright side, at the end of this week, my baby turns 17.  This is both a HOORAY and an OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE.


1. Flash Challenge!  Your flash challenge prompt is: champagne.  Give me 100 words or a graphic and I’ll reward you with my undying love and admiration. 

2. Last week’s challenges:

Yule - HibernalSay What FridayVivifyKaleidoscopic433JoyanceZChristmasMerry

3. Big Buddy 10%!  How are you doing?  I managed to kick the pants off my goal this month, which surprised the heck out of me.   

agdhani – 50,000
asphaltcowgrrl – 20,000
simplyn2deep –  4,000
sharpiesgal – 6,000
cmk418 – 5,000
flipflop_diva – 10,000
katleept – 45,000
Signups for January are here!  Come join us, it’s fun!

The Daily Count challenge is here and I do believe that the signups are still open.  Go forth and join in, they won’t bite!

4. To round out the year, Kaige is posting a ton of 100-in-100 posts complete with one word prompts.  You can see them all at the tag here.    If you’re looking for a way to squeeze in a few more words before midnight, this is an excellent way to do it!

Lastly, Haldoor is looking for volunteers and ideas for challenges in the new year. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or a willingness to give a hand, go over to the post here and let her know.     

Happy New Year everyone!  Don’t forget to update your numbers and I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable night!
Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Word of the Day 12/31/18 Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne (noun)
auld lang syne [awld lang zahyn, sahyn]

noun Scot. and North England.
1. old times, especially times fondly remembered.
2. old or long friendship.

Related Words for auld lang syne

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Origin: literally, old long since, i.e., old long-ago (days)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Welcome to the January Daily Count Challenge!

Behind the cut you will find a list of everyone participating in the Daily Count Challenge and their day. I made up the calendar while sick, so this time I'm 85% certain I got everyone who signed up and put them on the correct days, but if I missed up, or a day doesn't work out, comment to this entry and let me know.

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Every Monday night I will put up a reminder post for the next week. If someone forgets to post that they've done their writing for the day, the next person will know it's their turn and can post after they've done their writing.

For example, it's 05 January and agdhani hasn't made a post saying that they've done their daily writing, on 06 January, simplyn2deep can post when they've done their writing to keep things moving on.

I think I've covered everything, but if not, please let me know.