December 19th, 2018


Happy Swap of Joy, K!

I had this plan to write a story, but then writer's block happened for it (and the muse wanted to work on other items), but I have too much written (just not enough to post due to requirements) to just scrap the fic, so it will get done!

In the mean time, I've been collecting knitting patters because I've wanted to learn and I thought these were easy or cute.

I've uploaded a link to the PDF of the patter to my google drive since I didn't know of any other way to share it.


bernat fat cat toy

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I hope you like these patterns and are able to use them. Be on the look out for the fic that I originally planned on gifting to you!

Merry Christmas!
Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Daily count to...cmk418

Back around Thanksgiving time I joined a Sterek discord writing group called sterekdrabbles and, while it had taken me a while to get back into writing, on December 1 I started back to writing drabbles. Was also able to finish my Sterek Secret Santa fic.

Since the start of December, I've written A BUNCH!

Started a drabble series called Beacon Hills Quake of 2018.

Finished my Sterek Secret Santa fic but it wont be shared until next week.

And some other Christmas fics I will share this weekend and on Christmas.

Now for today...I've done some writing over several projects that I don't know my exact word count...and I wont until i start posting the finished projects.

All in due time!

Passing it on to cmk418! Get those words!!