December 12th, 2018

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Advent Day 11 .:. Mission: Impossible graphics

You guys! I tried. I tried so hard to get these up while it was still the 11th (for me in California), but my internet was not working with me at all! I've had these pictures picked out since the beginning of the month and I KNEW I could get graphics made in no time, but my was being slow! I had to point my WiFi connection AT THE WINDOW for a decent stable connection to allow me to turn the pictures into graphics and then upload them to share. is now 12:06 am on the 12th and I feel like I've failed that.

Gosh. this is like one of my favorite (old) tv shows (along with Adam-12 and Dragnet). I literally watch the first 4 seasons of Mission: Impossible every month because it's all I have on DVD. Eventually I would like to get the rest of the series (I think 3 more seasons?).

Here. Have some graphics!

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General Daily Count Challenge Torch Passing

Sigh. I failed to push the daily count challenge forward the other day - my apologies for that. I am still in a place where I'm not quite able to keep up with everything. :[   I did have a somewhat productive day on 1/10: Did some editing on a fic that pushed it forward, and added a few words. Here is a general heads-up for the daily count challenge through the weekend!

bizarra -- today is your day!  Then we have:
Thursday:  katleept
Friday:  cmk418
Saturday:  sharpiesgal

Good luck, hope you find inspiration and words!
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Advent Day 12: The Chronicles of Narnia

Hey everyone! I hope your planning for whatever you do (if you do) this season is going along without a hitch! If you don't, I hope you're not working too crazy-hard! I must admit that one of the things about having Christmas in summer is that it feels more relaxed. You don't have to wrap up warm to shop, or worry that it might snow. As the year winds down for kids finishing school for the year and adults contemplating summer holidays, either over the Christmas break or early in the New Year, I tend to smile more and work a little less hard (we stop contacting clients for a while over Christmas so there's not as much pressure to get things done), so I can concentrate on the important preparations without panicking. Or at least that's how it feels to me, even if I don't always manage to get things done as soon as I think I will...

Oops, that went on a bit. Sorry! Speaking of going on a bit, Collapse )

Looking forward to Day 13 and the excitement of new graphics from another of our advent contributors! YAY!