December 4th, 2018

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Word of the Day 12/04/18 Sequacious

Sequacious (adjective)
sequacious [si-kwey-shuh s]

1. following with smooth or logical regularity.
2. Archaic. following, imitating, or serving another person, especially unreasoningly.

Related forms
se·qua·cious·ly , adverb
se·quac·i·ty [si- kwas -i-tee] /sɪˈkwæs ɪ ti/ , se·qua·cious·ness , noun
non·se·qua·cious , adjective
non·se·qua·cious·ly , adverb
non·se·qua·cious·ness , noun
non·se·quac·i·ty , noun

Related Words for sequacious
compliant, following, obedient, servile, subservient

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Origin: 1630–40; < Latin sequāci- (stem of sequāx ) following (akin to sequī to follow) + -ous

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Advent Day 4: Supernatural!

One of my favorite shows and the first show I ever binge-watched.  Managed to plow through the first seven seasons over one summer.  I have so many regrets in my life but this is not one.  Even if my cat did like to sit on my desk and stare just off into the darkness behind me... creeped me the heck out (especially during the early seasons when the show bordered on being scary).

SPN_01 SPN_02 SPN_03 SPN_04 SPN_05
SPN_06 SPN_07 SPN_08 SPN_09 SPN_10

I tried to get a little bit of everything so it wasn't all Dean and Cas.  Couldn't find any decent screencaps of Bobby so that's my only complaint.
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November count!

Apologies for the lateness of this entry -I meant to do this on Sunday, but it somehow didn't happen...


The count for November goes like this:

Image word: 2,847 x 1,000. This is up by a modest 28, but I am expecting great things for December!

Written word: 2,357,337. This is up from the last count by a wonderful 208,328!!!

1_million_words Total words to date 2018: 5,204,337!!!


This is a fantastic result! And in December we have the SoJ, Advent and the 100-in-100 coming, so I know we are going to rule it! Not only make it to 6 mill, but with luck, well on the way past that! Come on down and create - it's not too late, even if you haven't been here for a few months or even all year. Add your words before December 31st and we'll do a full year count in early January. I KNOW IT'LL BE GREAT!