December 2nd, 2018

Daily Count Challenge to . . . Agdhani!

I totally forgot to check the DCC yesterday until I got home, and I didn't get much words yesterday morning despite getting up at 1am and going strong all day. I DID get A LOT of work done before I left yesterday morning, but except for just under 300 words and releasing the new monthly challenge at sunnydalescribe, it was all non-writing related.

HOWEVER, knowing that yesterday was supposed to be my day and that the sun has yet to rise in most places on the second day of December, or at least on this side of the world, helped me to get my butt up this morning despite being exhausted and stay going -- and get 2,405 words!

Today's day actually goes to agdhani! Here's wishing him/her the very best of luck with those words that can too often be so difficult to wrangle! Go get 'em, pard!
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Word of the Day 12/02/18 Voluptuary

Voluptuary (noun)
voluptuary [vuh-luhp-choo-er-ee]

noun, plural vo·lup·tu·ar·ies.
1. a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit and enjoyment of luxury and sensual pleasure.

2. of, relating to, or characterized by preoccupation with luxury and sensual pleasure: voluptuary tastes.

Related Words for voluptuary
epicurean, hedonist, sensualist, epicure, hedonic, hedonistic, hot, passionate, voluptuous

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Origin: 1595–1605; < Late Latin voluptuārius, Latin voluptārius pertaining to (sensual) pleasure, equivalent to volupt(ās ) pleasure + -ārius -ary; for -u- see voluptuous

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
  • agdhani

And for our next contestant...

Got a late start on words today, because I was worried about my doggie...but he's acting more like himself now (I think he's developing arthritis and was not a happy camper in the cold) so I did finally finish a chapter with 3681 words for the day.
The chapter breaks aren't quite falling where I thought they would when I outlined this thing, but that's okay.
I'll let them do their thing and see if I can't finish this draft in December.
simplyn2deep you're up!