November 20th, 2018

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Word of the Day 11/20/18 Strenuous

Strenuous (adjective)
strenuous [stren-yoo-uhs]
(previously 04-23-13)

1. characterized by vigorous exertion, as action, efforts, life, etc.: a strenuous afternoon of hunting.
2. demanding or requiring vigorous exertion; laborious: To think deeply is a strenuous task.
3. vigorous, energetic, or zealously active: a strenuous person; a strenuous intellect.

Related forms
stren·u·ous·ly , adverb
stren·u·ous·ness , stren·u·os·i·ty [stren-yoo- os -i-tee] /ˌstrɛn yuˈɒs ɪ ti/ , noun
qua·si-stren·u·ous , adjective
qua·si-stren·u·ous·ly , adverb
su·per·stren·u·ous , adjective
su·per·stren·u·ous·ly , adverb
su·per·stren·u·ous·ness , noun
un·stren·u·ous , adjective
un·stren·u·ous·ly , adverb
un·stren·u·ous·ness , noun

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3. forceful.

Synonym study
3. See active.

2. easy.

Related Words for strenuous
uphill, taxing, arduous, demanding, exhausting, laborious, spirited, resolute, aggressive, vigorous, tireless, Herculean, hard, mean, operose, toilsome, tough, wicked, effortful, toilful

Origin: 1590–1600; < Latin strēnuus; see -ous

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