November 13th, 2018

  • haldoor

Marvellous Monday, and WIP Push!

I am pretty hopeless these days at staying on track and getting things done here in the comm on time (I blame menopause! I had a reminder and still I managed to forget last night!), so you'll have to forgive me.

My Monday was fairly busy, although I did have some down time after work before going swimming with my kids, so I should have had time to post then, but... umm... yeah. OK! Enough excuses. I'm planning to get onto my Swap of Joy goodies this week when I have a moment, and then later I'm away for a long weekend with a group of ladies I went to school with. One of them owns a holiday home on a West Coast beach halfway down the North island here in NZ, and while these aren't the best swimming beaches, it will still be nice to get my toes in the sand - it's a bit early here for summer or swimming, but it should be warm enough to walk and appreciate nature down by the water, which is something I love. I'm driving down on Friday with the friend who owns the house, and the rest are flying/driving in from an airport nearer. Home again Sunday, and I have Monday off work to recover, because 6 hour drives are TIRING. Ha!

What about you? Plans for this week looking good?

I am at the orifice right now, so I don't have time to get links for the challenges, or figures for the Big Buddy (but you should be on 40% about now). How are things looking? Check the tabs for the challenges underway if you need to, as well!

Speaking of challenges, I know some of you are doing Nano this month, and there have been some posts to help you along with that, but for those of you who haven't been involved, but would like to do something, there is always time to look at a creation you haven't touched in a while!

I know we're already in the 2nd week of November, so it's a bit late, but flipflop_diva, who was going to post some things for this, is very close to or has given birth this month, and as she has obviously been too tied up with everything that involves to manage, I am stepping in! Thank you for offering Diva, but I can see it's been tricky, so don't feel bad! I hope everything is going smoothly for you and that the changes in your life are going to be the best ones yet!

So, if you have an old WIP in your closet that needs dusting off, now it the time! Today's mission: check your WIPs, re-read what you need to, and decide if this is the one to go on with. Let us know what you've decided in a comment here. I'll check in with you in a day or two to see whether you've found more words already, or just decided what you're going to do with the WIP/s of choice!

Have a great week, everyone! (and apologies that I combined posts here, but I have much work to do at... you know... actual work!)