November 11th, 2018


Word of the Day 11/11/18 Diablerie

Diablerie (noun)
diablerie [dee-ah-bluh-ree; French dya-bluh-ree]

noun, plural di·a·ble·ries [dee-ah-bluh-reez; French dya-bluh-ree] /diˈɑ blə riz; French dya bləˈri/.
1. diabolic magic or art; sorcery; witchcraft.
2. the domain or realm of devils.
3. the lore of devils; demonology.
4. reckless mischief; deviltry.

Related Words for diablerie
devilish, sorcery, witchcraft, devilry, deviltry, satanism

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Origin: 1745–55; < French, Old French, equivalent to diable devil + -erie -ery

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Weekend Challenge (late) - Thingymabobs

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay I had my brother visiting this weekend and so scheduled the post but it appears technology has defeated me.

The challenge is week is using my new favourite random things generator -
The generator gives you a whole list of random things and I want you to try to use as many as possible in a piece of writing or art and share what the results are here!

Because of the delay there isn’t going to be a real closing date on this but before next weekends challenge would be great!!
Good luck and happy writing