October 28th, 2018

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Word of the Day 10/28/18 Dirigible

Dirigible (noun, adjective)
dirigible [dir-i-juh-buh l, dih-rij-uh-]

1. an airship.

2. designed for or capable of being directed, controlled, or steered.

Related forms
dir·i·gi·bil·i·ty , noun
non·dir·i·gi·bil·i·ty , noun
non·dir·i·gi·ble , adjective, noun

Related Words for dirigible
blimp, zeppelin

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Origin of dirigible: 1575–85; 1905–10 for noun; < Latin dīrig(ere ) to direct + -ible

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Original Fic Challenge & Tip: Write About A Shared Secret

Original Fic Challenge: Write About A Shared Secret

Original Fic Tip:Fix Story Pacing Issues by Focusing on What is Significant.

This tip about fixing pacing comes from September Fawke's blog and is part of a much longer article on how to fix 8 common pacing issues.
Misunderstanding What's Significant

Sometimes the writer spends too much time (or words) on things that don't merit that kind of attention. Other time they may not spend enough on what deserves more. They are misunderstanding what is significant in the story.

The more words you spend talking about something, the more the weight of the story shifts in that direction. If you are putting a lot of "weight" where it doesn't belong, it can make the story feel too slow. If you are skipping over things that deserve more weight, the pacing may feel too fast in those spots.

This is a case where adding and cutting words can be the solution to your pacing problem. Just make sure in adding, you aren't simply repeating the same thing, but expanding or deepening the subject.

Now go forth and write!
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