September 27th, 2018

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Word of the Day 09/27/18 Tautology

Tautology (noun)
tautology [taw-tol-uh-jee]

noun, plural tau·tol·o·gies.
1. needless repetition of an idea, especially in words other than those of the immediate context, without imparting additional force or clearness, as in “widow woman.”
2. an instance of such repetition.
3. Logic.
a. a compound propositional form all of whose instances are true, as “A or not A.”
b. an instance of such a form, as “This candidate will win or will not win.”

Can be confused

Related forms
tau·to·log·i·cal [tawt-l-oj-i-kuh l] /ˌtɔt lˈɒdʒ ɪ kəl/, tau·to·log·ic, tau·tol·o·gous [taw-tol-uh-guh s] /tɔˈtɒl ə gəs/, adjective
tau·to·log·i·cal·ly, tau·tol·o·gous·ly, adverb
tau·tol·o·gist, noun
non·tau·to·log·i·cal, adjective
non·tau·to·log·i·cal·ly, adverb
un·tau·to·log·i·cal, adjective
un·tau·to·log·i·cal·ly, adverb

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Origin: 1570–80; < Late Latin tautologia < Greek tautología. See tauto-, -logy

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Numbers Challenge

The rules are:

1. Each post is either a hundred words or more/ or you can make a graphic/art

2. However the number influences you, go with the flow! I don’t care how you use or abuse the number! (I’ll give some suggestions/ideas/other languages to help you along if you get stuck!)

3. Post anywhere – tumblr,, your journal, AO3, the dreaded, your bedroom wall, etc.

4. There is NO time limit.

And the number shall be ...924!

Go forth and create!

Weekend Challenge: Recipe Roulette

This weekend, we're giving you a taste from around the world via a little website I found recently called Recipe Roulette. For those who want to play, I suggest you choose two numbers: the first between 1 - 24 and the second between 1 - 12. I'll spin the wheel for you with those options -- or you can spin it yourself -- and give you the corresponding dish. It will then be up to you to use that scrumptious dish to inspire a new creation! Fic, art, vids, sewing projects, whatever it inspires, go for it!

For your reward, you may choose fic for any characters/pairings I normally write (feel free to check my tags or just ask, if you're not sure) or icons for any characters. You may ask for your challenge any time throughout the next week, but the deadline to post for rewards is one week and starts NOW. ;) Not really! Create something with your results, and I'll be happy to create something for you in return -- but given my schedule and the busy time of the year that we're getting into, it may be into 2019 before I actually get it done! All depends. :) Good luck, and happy creating!

EDIT: I was trying to set this to come out in the morning, but it doesn't appear to have taken properly. ;) So just go ahead and have an extra night to have fun with this challenge and start your requests!