September 15th, 2018

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Word of the Day 09/15/18 Andragogy

Andragogy (noun)
andragogy [an-druh-goh-jee, -goj-ee]

1. the methods or techniques used to teach adults: Many educators believe that the principles of andragogy, as advanced by Malcolm Knowles, have great relevance to adult education; others are not so certain.

Origin: andr- + (ped)agogy; see -agogue, -y

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
  • agdhani

Weekend Challenge...Heavenly Words

My Bad!
This week totally got away from me due to employee drama, prepping for the boss being on vacation next week, and finding out he's on the verge of bringing in a new director (which he has been trying to do for ages!)

Anyhow, since I hadn't seen the weekend challenge pop up, decided I should check...
and found out it was me *oops!!!*

So...since I'm not entirely preprared...there's this:

I have a list of 37 unusual words relating to beauty, heaven, love etc. Throw me a number (or more than one if you're brave) and I'll give you the word and the the definition.

Again, my apologies!

ps...these came from tumblr...and I haven't had the chance to look them all up yet, so my apologies if anything is wonky ;)
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Daily count to...flipflop_diva

I've done my writing for the day and I'm scheduling this to post later tonight as I'm having problems with my internet and I'm currently at the library.

anyway. 2 hours of novel outlining has been accomplished. My total for the month is around 30 hours which is right on track for my 60 hours this month.

Passing it on to flipflop_diva
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Daily Count reminder

How is the writing thing going for you? Any bumps or hiccups in remembering the days you're accountable for?

If not, great! If so, that's still great! We're going to help you with that!

Here are the next 7 people for the month! Let's cheer them on to get those words!!

SU 16 – flipflop_diva
MO 17 – katleept
TU 18 – agdhani
WE 19 – sharpiesgal
TH 20 – candream
FR 21 – simplyn2deep
SA 22 – cmk418

Happy continued writing!