September 3rd, 2018

  • kaige68

Lazy Labor Day!

So it's Monday again, but to me it's a holiday from work and I'm opting to be lazy.

I'mma get up and exercise in a few minutes, and then we're supposed to buy some cement and make stepping stones, but it's supposed to be hot and humid in my neck of the woods today, so maybe not.

I will put up links to last week's doings later on in the week, but until then, just get yourselves up to 13% of where you want to be, and enjoy what you have!
  • haldoor

I am a slacker! BUT, things will happen!

I'm sorry, everyone, I still haven't done the count for August! No real excuse except that it was Father's Day here in NZ yesterday, and I was thinking about that and doing things with my hubby and kids, so it didn't enter my head for one minute! I'll get onto it ASAP. Actually it'll be tonight after work as my spreadsheet is at home, so you have some extra time to update your word/graphic counts if you haven't already!

Also, once Sunday is done where you live, August Rush will be finished! hiddlepinebatch, if you are reading, let me know in a comment if you want me to do the round-up of entries, and organise rewards, or if you have that under control (or if you're like me, it's more likely under semi-control!) ;-). We had some great entries for the Rush this year, so if you haven't had a look, check out the 'challenge: august rush' tag! If you participated, THANK YOU! You all did fantastically on this!

Don't forget, Bingo is September's challenge, and I know Dreamy will be kicking that off shortly, so get your creative juices ready to start marking off squares! ;-)
  • haldoor

August count!


The count for August goes like this:

Image word: 2,039 x 1,000. This is up by an awesome 196!!!

Written word: 1,679,052. This is up from the last count by very cool 163,611!!

1_million_words Total words to date 2018: 3,718,052!!!

We got over the 3.5 mill I was predicting, so WOOT!! Go, everyone, you are amazing!

Now, with Bingo up for September, I'm expecting wonderful things... like hitting that 4 mill mark, so grab a card or two once they're up, and get creating!!!