August 25th, 2018


Word of the Day 08/25/18 Squiz

Squiz (verb, noun)
squiz [skwiz]
Australian Informal.

verb (used with object), squizzed, squiz·zing.
1. to peer at quickly and closely.

2. a quick, close look.

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Origin: 1905–10; expressive formation, perhaps blend of squint and quiz

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Natasha Sergei Dance Modern

slightly delayed challenge to cmk418!

Weeeeell, that was a fail. I think I managed to get to around 200-ish words (plus minus, rather minus, though... But it was definitely more than 100! xD) before going to sleep in the night of the 24th, but then I've been out of the house all of yesterday till almost 1am, and what remained of my super-productive-I-promise!!11 writing night were three additional words, and me falling asleep maybe twenty-five minutes in. Oops. The whole thing is at a total of 83,624 words now, though, so that's not too bad since last time xD.

BUT I have been very real life productive, as the first week of my "you're almost back at the conservatoire, so better move your butt or you'll die in your first weeks of training" ballet workshop (I study musical theatre, which means lots of dance) has come to an end, aaaaaand I managed to turn my very first triple fouettés! SO PROUD, HAHA. Fouettés suck. So double proud xD. I also greatly improved my pointe work, but that's a week-long achievement. xD

Anyway, cmk418 show me what you've got and do better than I did! :D ♥
  • cmk418

Throwing over the Daily Count Challenge to katleept

It's only after 5pm CDT but I'm going to be away from my computer for the rest of the evening so I thought I'd wrap up my time for the challenge. I wrote 200 words for one of my August Rush prompts and then wasn't in the fanfic mood anymore so I started working on an article for my hockey FB page (an analysis of the national television schedule- it's actually more thrilling than it sounds). 1630 words later, it's done and up on the page.

katleept, I wish you words and much success on your day!