August 24th, 2018

Two Chairs

Say What Friday

Greetings all!

Happy Friday!!!

Hope everyone had a good week word and graphic wise. If not, there are eight days of the month left including the final week of August Rush.

Anything is possible. :)

This week's helping of sage advice is....

"Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow."

Lawrence Clark Powell

Do with it what you will.

Weekend Challenge: Archive Of Our Own Tags || Doctor Who

Welcome, writers and artists, to this Weekend Challenge. :o) I'm your host for this Challenge.

For this Challenge I go with those AO3-Tags from this Tumblr and (if somebody is interested) also with some quotes from any Doctor Who Era. :o)

Please give me a number of tags you want to have and I random you some tags. :o) For Doctor Who please give me a Doctor and I'll give you my favorite quote from that Doctor. :D (You can also request the Classics because I finally watched it. :D)

Please create at least 250 words, 5 icons or 1 bigger graphic (lovebar, tumblr graphic, header or wallpaper) and link back to this entry until Monday at 09:00 pm CEST (Countdown Clock).

As reward I'll add words to my Crossover Story. I may also create a banner for you if I'll find enough time.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy your weekend. <3