July 30th, 2018


Word of the Day 07/30/18 Ostentatious

Ostentatious (adjective)
ostentatious [os-ten-tey-shuh s, -tuh n-]
(previously 04-12-13)

1. characterized by or given to pretentious or conspicuous show in an attempt to impress others: an ostentatious dresser.
2. (of actions, manner, qualities exhibited, etc.) intended to attract notice: Lady Bountiful's ostentatious charity.

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1. See grandiose.

Origin: 1650–60; ostentat(ion) + -ious

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Magnificent Monday!

Hey everyone, it's Monday again, and I am less prepared than I should be for this post. Unfortunately both of my computers are having internet issues and posting today in any greater detail than this is just not going to happen. If I was going to be in the orifice tomorrow morning I could sort it, but today and tomorrow I'm in a workshop meeting all day, with no access to a computer, so I'm currently typing this on the app on my phone, which means finding the codings for the links to this past week's challenge info is just not going to happen, I'm sorry.

It's been a challenging weekend at my place in any case; my husband had to go to the hospital by ambulance on Saturday night, and he only got released tonight (don't worry, he's okay!), I had this workshop to attend away from my normal workplace today, and on top of that I had to deliver one of our cats to the vets so he could have his teeth cleaned and assessed.  Thankfully, he didn't have to have any teeth removed and he's back home tonight in fine form.

With those things resolved, the rest of the week should be easier, though the other cat goes in for teeth treatment tomorrow and I'm still at the workshop, at least my husband will be resting at home and not bored and waiting to find out when they will release him from the hospital.  If I can manage to gather the screencaps I'm tasked with finding for August Rush before too many more days pass, I'm going to call the week a success!

Now, how about you? What challenges are you dealing with at the moment, and what do you hope to achieve this week?

Big Buddiers, you are on 97%. I'm sorry I don't have your individual numbers at this point, but are you close to your monthly goal? Do you need any help or encouragement?

The flash challenge for the week is: Xrays

Don't forget to get your Pool Party creations posted! You have one more day!

And we have a bunch of other stuff out there too, so check the tags for Word of the Day, Numbers challenge, A-Z challenge, Wonderful World of Wednesday, Say What Friday, and the Weekend Challenge. Hopefully, I haven't missed anything.

Let's get out there and let's CREATE!!! ;-)