June 29th, 2018


Word of the Day 06/29/18 Palpebral

Palpebral (adjective)
palpebral [pal-puh-bruh l, pal-pee-bruh l, -peb-ruh l]

1. of or relating to the eyelids.

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Origin: 1830–40; < Late Latin palpebrālis of, on the eyelids, equivalent to Latin palpebr(a) eyelid (variant of palpebrum) + -ālis -al

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Don&#39;t Panic

Say What Friday

Greetings Earthlings....

It is Friday once again, which means we have survived another week. Yay us!!!

This week's quote is:

"Evil has an ordinary face. It laughs, it cries, it deflects, it rationalizes, it makes great pasta."

Have fun with it. ;)

Now, remember there are two days of the month left, so do not forget to update your numbers before Sunday.

This month's challenge will conclude on Sunday as well, so whip those bingos into shape.

We can do this. We are word warriors.
Mad Andy (Henry)

Bingo Blackout!

And not a moment too soon either! 


Vlog of Love? - Love letter addressed to two.
1,114 words on Zayne's blog.
Zayne decides to vlog his love for Andy and Jay.
Partially inspired by my 18-year-old's sudden desire to vlog her trip to Whole Foods. I wish I was kidding.

Hot Mess - You're a mess... Yeah, but I'm YOUR mess!
2,101 words
Andrej and James are looking for nothing more than a quiet night at home. However, even this early in their budding relationship, even James knows that’s not likely to happen…
Inspired by Sharpie always referring to Zayne as a hot mess.

Pinned Cowboy - Balacing Grocery Preferences
1,118 words
Zayne finds Andrej’s computer unattended. Making sure Zeklos hadn’t broken his promise to not work on the weekends, Zayne takes a peek.
Inspired by my husband's Pinterest obsession.   Seriously.

In Sickness and Other Stuff - Sick Day x3, Laundry and sorting
2,504 words
Zayne comes down with the flu and everything goes downhill from there.

All's Fair in Love and Bedsheets - Bedroom Wars, Yes... these are the people I've given my heart to, and It's a good thing you two are usually more fun than this.
1,672 words
Wednesday mornings usually aren’t quite like this.
MCU: Nat yellow

Weekend Challenge: Red, White & Blue

It's almost Independence Day here in the U.S., so to celebrate, our challenge this weekend will be triple the fun!

There are 3 sets of prompts to choose from. Just tell me how many you want from each list and you will be on your way.

RED prompts: A randomized Crayola crayon color!
WHITE prompts: A randomized holiday (including such goodies as 'Talk Like A Pirate Day')
BLUE prompts: A random photo that pops up when you google 'blue'.

For anyone who writes 200 words or creates a graphic inspired by any of these prompts by 11:59pm Pacific time on Thursday (July 5), I will reward you with your own drabble or graphic in return or words in your honor in one of my many, many WIPs.

So step right up and claim your prompts!