June 16th, 2018

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Word of the Day 06/16/18 Brontide

Brontide (noun)
brontide [bron-tahyd]

1. a rumbling noise heard occasionally in some parts of the world, probably caused by seismic activity.

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Origin: apparently < Greek bront(ḗ) thunder + -ide (perhaps for -id)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
MacGyver: arm porn

Word Wars

Going to try and finish the first draft for my WIPBigBang. Need about 4 scenes - so thinking one per round, if the muse is willing. Tomorrow - thinking of an 11 am PDT start time.

Round 1: 6:00 am Pacific (2 pm UTC) to 6:25am
Round 2: 6:35 am Pacific (2:35 pm UTC) to 7:00am
Round 3: 7:10 am Pacific (3:10 pm UTC) to 7:35am
Round 4: 7:45 am Pacific (3:45 pm UTC) to 8:10 am