June 8th, 2018

Weekend Challenge: A New World

With June comes at last the favorite part of the year for many people. Children and teens are sent screaming with glee, because they no longer have to go to school. Many adults also feel considerably more freedom during this time of year, especially as they set to the road with their families. So, in favor of the preferred time for most people to take family vacations, I thought I'd give us all a little touring challenge.

Now RL's being a bitca to me, and I'm set to have a cyst removed on Tuesday, so I'm not sure how frequently I'm going to be around most of this week. Because of that this challenge is going to run a little differently. Below the cut is a list of one hundred countries. You are welcome to pick a number, or more, before opening the cut and then find the corresponding country and make your creation off of that. For example, say you want 3, you open the list and find that 3 is the United States of America (which it isn't), your challenge would be to make a fan creation (story, artwork, video, whatever you're inspired to create) that somehow features something American or, if you wanted, was based on Captain America. That's right: as always, you're welcome to interpret the challenge however you wish. So, for example, if France is your challenge, you could have your characters dining off of French cuisine, finding love in Paris, or write something for Missus France.

Optionally, as opposed to picking your numbers before you open the cut below, you're also welcome to just look through the list and pick a country, or more, that interests you. Or you can pick any country you desire, regardless of rather or not it's on the list below, and use it.

And for anyone who may want an extra challenge, here's my humble suggestion: Don't go for the country where you live! IOW, Americans, don't write for America, and my British friends, don't just sit with England, -- pick something different, something you may not know as well, perhaps somewhere you yourself have been and miss or want to go some day.

As always, have fun, and let the challenge inspire you where and how it will! Happy writing, all!!

And remember, despite the name of the challenge, you actually have all the way through the close of Thursday to make and post your creation!

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Word of the Day 06/08/18 Ocellated

Ocellated (adjective)
ocellated [os-uh-ley-tid, oh-sel-ey-tid]

1. (of a spot or marking) eyelike.
2. having ocelli, or eyelike spots.

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1705–15; < New Latin ocellāt(us) (ocell(us) ocellus + -ātus -ate) + -ed

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Two Chairs

Say What Friday

Greetings all. We have again survived another week. I hope it has been more word filled than stressful.

The weekend awaits.

This week's quote is...

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

Aldous Huxley

This brought to mind the well-known tagline from the TV show Dragnet. "Just the facts, ma'am. Nothing but the facts."

Use one or both of them however you want.

Remember Big Buddy is watching and this month's challenge is BINGO!!

Let's all have fun.