May 25th, 2018

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Word of the Day 05/25/18 Ken

Ken (noun, verb)
ken [ken]

1. knowledge, understanding, or cognizance; mental perception: an idea beyond one's ken.
2. range of sight or vision.

verb (used with object), kenned or kent, ken·ning.
3. Chiefly Scot.
a. to know, have knowledge of or about, or be acquainted with (a person or thing).
b. to understand or perceive (an idea or situation).
4. Scots Law. to acknowledge as heir; recognize by a judicial act.
5. Archaic. to see; descry; recognize.
6. British Dialect Archaic.
a. to declare, acknowledge, or confess (something).
b. to teach, direct, or guide (someone).

verb (used without object), kenned or kent, ken·ning.
7. British Dialect.
a. to have knowledge of something.
b. to understand.

Can be confused

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Origin: before 900; Middle English kennen to make known, see, know, Old English cennan to make known, declare; cognate with Old Norse kenna, German kennen; akin to can

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Two Chairs

Say What Friday

Hello peeps!

We survived another week. Yay us!!

Today is the start of the first official weekend of summer. Yay!

To celebrate this, the quote for the week will be your favorite jingle/company motto.

Example: Walmart's Save Money. Live Better.

Have fun with this.


Big Buddy is watching, so hopefully all the muses are cooperating and allowing multitudes of words to be written.

The monthly challenge is rare pairs. The prompts have been interesting, as well as some of your responses to them. Y'all rock.

We are heading into the final week of the month, so let's crank out those words/graphics and push this month over the 500k mark. H or K will be counting numbers on Thursday, so remember to update your numbers.

Let's go out there and have an awesome weekend.
Veronica Mars/plotting

Weekend Challenge: The Girl Detective Edition

I am in charge of the Weekend Challenge in this last beautiful weekend in May which is a three day Memorial Day weekend for my fellow Americans :):) and I decided we needed prompts inspired by girl detectives--WOO HOO!!

I chose these awesome lines from the greatest girl detectives out there:  Nancy Drew, Susan Sand, Veronica Mars, Joan Watson, Miss Marple and Dame Frevisse.  (And yes Miss Marple, Joan Watson and Sister Frevisse aren’t technically girls, but they were once, so it still counts—in the world of detective fiction of course )

Choose a number between 1 and 25 and I will give you an epically badass yet girly line that I hope inspires you.

Please be as creative as you can--drabbles/fics can be as long as you want but at least 200 words and you can do any sort of art work the spirit moves you.  Just post your work by Thursday night at 11:59pm EST, and you'll be golden.  Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!
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Daily Count Challenge June!

We are kicking it this year! Let's keep it up!

Comment here and I'll put you on the list! It's as simple as stepping up when your name is called and doing your utmost to meet your own daily word count (whatever that may be). When you finish, write a small bragging post and call up the next contestant!

Be accountable for one day!

Who wants in?
Big buddy

Big Buddy June!

Comment here with the count you can reach in the month (remember to factor in holidays, finals, road trips, pajama days, hangovers, etc). I will check in with you every 6(ish) days to make sure you are on schedule, to push you if you aren't, and to shake pompoms at you if you are (Well, I'll probably shake pompoms at you either way).

Your count is up to you. There is no minimum beyond what you decide. But Big Buddy will be watching you! If you pledge 100 words/images, then every 6 days chime in to tell us that you've produced 20% of them.

This is not words to be done in lieu of something else. If you have a bingo, or a big bang, or a drabble-a-day, it all counts! Words/images do not have to be posted to count, they just have to be done!

Who's in?