April 13th, 2018

Weekend Challenge: Superstitious

So I had other plans for our Weekend Challenge this week up until I realized what today's date is . . .

How can I possibly pass up such an important date??

So pick a number, 1 - 70, or more, and I'll give you the corresponding superstition in hopes of inspiring you to create a fanwork of your choosing that somehow relates to that old superstition!

Our "weekend" challenges now close at midnight on Thursday night, so you'll have our week to (hopefully) be inspired!

Rewards I'm offering? Black cat banners, icons, sig tags, and drabbles/ficlets! For the fandoms/pairings I can write, just dig through my tags, but I should be able to make an icon or sig tag for you of just about anything your heart desires!

Happy creating!

Daily Count Challenge to . . . Simplyn2Deep!

I actually got words this morning! Slightly over 2800 on a Friday morning -- and without my proper eight hours' sleep! Woohoo!!

Passing the quill/keyboard to our dear candream! Go kick Saturday in the butt!!

Thank you, candream, for pointing out I had that wrong. Sorry, simplyn2deep, but I'm sure you can show us all how it's done!!!

(I had gone to the Current Daily Challenge on the sidebar on the main page and did not realize I had March's schedule and not April's!! So sorry!!)