March 27th, 2018

Daily Count Challenge to . . . Dreamy!

I've just managed 3,675 words of original fic in about a hour and a half. Unfortunately, this is going to have to be it for me today as we've soon got to head the road to FINALLY get Drew to her wound specialist appointment for which she's been waiting for months! (Prayers and good wishes much appreciated. The actual appointment's at 11am Central, but it takes about 2 hours to get there.)

Dreamy, you're next! May the words be with you!!

Word of the Day 03/27/18 Mores

Mores (noun)
mores [mawr-eyz, -eez, mohr-]

plural noun, Sociology.
1. folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group.

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customs, conventions, practices.

Origin: 1905-10; < Latin mōres, plural of mōs usage, custom

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Daily Count Challenge April!

Once again, you are all kicking it!!!!

Comment here and I'll put you on the list! It's as simple as stepping up when your name is called and doing your utmost to meet your own daily word count (whatever that may be). When you finish, write a small bragging post and call up the next contestant!

Be accountable for one day!

Who wants in?
Big buddy

Big Buddy April!

Comment here with the count you can reach in the month (remember to factor in holidays, finals, road trips, pajama days, hangovers, etc). I will check in with you every 6(ish) days to make sure you are on schedule, to push you if you aren't, and to shake pompoms at you if you are (Well, I'll probably shake pompoms at you either way).

Your count is up to you. There is no minimum beyond what you decide. But Big Buddy will be watching you! If you pledge 100 words/images, then every 6 days chime in to tell us that you've produced 20% of them.

This is not words to be done in lieu of something else. If you have a bingo, or a big bang, or a drabble-a-day, it all counts! Words/images do not have to be posted to count, they just have to be done!

Who's in?