March 23rd, 2018


Weekend Challenge: Represent!

Hello, everyone! How's that March Madness bracket doing for you? Mine's busted AF

This weekend, I bring you two possible prompt options!

♣ March Madness 2018 contenders - Pick a number between 1-68 and I'll give you the mascot/team name of one of this year's MM contenders (most of them are animals.... and five of them are the same animal)

♣ Randomized mascot - I'll give you the name and 'breed' of a randomized macsot (the randomizer only seems to offer animals)

As an example, *points to my icon*
MM contenders = Your prompt would be WILDCAT
Randomized = Your prompt would be Willie the Wildcat

Hopefully it makes sense... :D

You can have as many or as few as you like, from either option!