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March 13th, 2018

Word of the Day 03/13/18 Tzimmes

Tzimmes (noun)
tzimmes [tsim-is]

1. Also, tsimmes. Jewish Cookery. any of various sweetened combinations of vegetables, fruit, and sometimes meat, prepared as a casserole or stew.
2. fuss; uproar; hullabaloo: He made such a tzimmes over that mistake!

Origin: 1890-95; < Yiddish tsimes, akin to dialectal German (Swabia) zimmes, zimbes compote, stew, Swiss German zimis lunch; compound (orig. prepositional phrase) with Middle High German z, ze unstressed variant of zuo (German zu) at, to + Middle High German, Old High German imbiz, imbīz snack, light meal (German Imbiss), noun derivative of Old High German enbīzan to take nourishment; see in-, bite

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

A to Z Challenge

You can post this on your own journal, your AO3, here or wherever you archive your works. Just leave us a link here if you can.

Now everyone give me a



You know what we haven't done yet? We haven't told everyone what our favourite things (or those creations we are most proud of) we did last year were!

So here is your chance! Link us in a comment here to the 1-5 creations you posted last year that you are most proud of/glad to have finished/amazed at how it turned out, or whatever other category you like!

I would start us off, but I didn't actually post any fic last year... which is shocking, I know, but true. *sigh* I did manage a fair amount of graphics last year though, and I guess the bunch of icons I did for the 100-in-100 in December is what I am most proud of. I love the way most of these turned out, and felt really pleased that I was able to finally contribute a decent number of 'graphic words' to finish out the year since my 'written words' was such an abject failure!

I'll add your creations to this post and add it to our side links as they appear, so go looking through your stash and comment + link away! ;-)

Here be brag book entries!Collapse )

Daily Count Challenge to katleept.

SO SORRY for being so late. :o( (I didn't check LJ yesterday and just saw that I was tagged.)

I didn't do anything because it took a bit longer to get home from the airport. At home I went to bed because I didn't sleep on the plane. So, yeah... But there are still enough days left this month. :o) So I'm pretty sure there will be some graphics or words at the end of this month. :o)

I'm passing the torch to katleept because it's your turn today. :o) I hope the tagging isn't too late? So sorry about that!


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