February 23rd, 2018

Two Chairs

Say What Friday

Hello all.

This week's quote is another fortune.

"Happy is the man who finds refuge in himself."

Do with it what you will.

This is the final weekend for February, so let's make it count. Remember to update your numbers by Thursday and happy writing/graphic making.
  • haldoor

Passing the daily count challenge to agdhani!

I have been slack all month and didn't make any words on my last day, so I was determined I needed to do some this time around, and YAY! I sat up last night and got out 643 words to finish Chapter 12 of one of my original fics! So I am very happy with that.

And now I pass things over to the lovely agdhani, who will no doubt bring plenty of words forth on her day! ;-)
  • haldoor

Weekend Challenge: Four Seasons in One Day

Hi and hello everyone! As the weather here has been crazy lately, I decided to go with some weather prompts for this weekend's challenge!

I have 30 weather-related prompts for you, so give me a number or numbers and I'll give you the appropriate prompt/s.

Create as you will with your prompt - be it graphic or written - any inspiration for any fandom (or none!) you like is just fine.

Give me at least 500 words or 5 icons/a banner by midnight Thursday and I will reward you with 100 words in a WIP or an icon of your choice!

So comment away now, and when I wake up in my morning I'll hand out some prompts. ;-)