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February 3rd, 2018

Daily Count Challenge to ....Severina!

Well, I did get a couple hundred words in on my day and also some editing. Better than nothing - and hopefully there will be many more in a few hours, during the Word Wars. Meantime.... you're up severina2001 !!  

Word of the Day 02/03/18 Doodlesack

Doodlesack (noun)
doodlesack [dood-l-sak]

1. bagpipe (def 1).

Also, dudelsack.

Origin: 1840-50; < German Dudelsack, equivalent to Dudel (bag)pipe + Sack sack

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Saturday Word Wars

I'm still trying to pick out a bingo card - so many cool choices

But I've got a few WIPs that need some love, so I have plenty of things to work on today.

Round 1: 6:00 am Pacific (2 pm UTC) to 6:25am
Round 2: 6:35 am Pacific (2:35 pm UTC) to 7:00am
Round 3: 7:10 am Pacific (3:10 pm UTC) to 7:35am
Round 4: 7:45 am Pacific (3:45 pm UTC) to 8:10 am

One of the biggest turnouts for word wars - and we knocked it out of the park with words, finished stories, progress on WIPs ... Good times!

cmk418: 1621 words
thatwasjustadream: 687 words
asphaltcowgrrl: 1623 words
severina2001: 640 words
simplyn2deep: 200 words
craterdweller: 400 words
Total: 5171 words

Feb BINGO Rules!

Here are the ways you can achieve a bingo and claim a reward. Cards to follow in a separate post!

Note: If you are confused because something doesn’t make sense or doesn’t apply, let me know, or ask questions here if need be.  :D

2x2 Bingo
1 Square – Fill 1 prompt on a chosen card
Doubles – Complete 2 prompts on that card
Blackout – Fill all 4 prompts on that card

3x3 Bingo
1 Square – Fill 1 prompt on your card
Line – Complete 3 prompts in any one line: across, down, diagonal
Corners – Fill 4 prompts in the corners of said card
Blackout – Complete all 9 prompts of said card

4x4 Bingo
1 Square – Complete 1 prompt on your card
Line – Fill 4 prompts in any one line of your card
Double Bingo - Complete four prompts in any two separate lines: across, down, diagonal
Blackout – Fill all 16 prompts of the card

What constitutes a fill?
Words:  At least 100 words per prompt, of any sort: Fic, non-fic (meta, journal entry, RPF). You can use prompts alone or combine them in a single work - 3 prompts in one work requires that work to be 300+ words long to qualify, etc. Note: The drabble cards should have an exact drabble, double-drabble or triple-drabble per prompt, or try to combine 2 or 3 prompts per double- or triple-drabble; whatever works!

Make 2 icons per prompt
Make 1 Wallpaper or other-type 'large' banner or image
Make 1 Gifset

Also, you're welcome to ask for clarification if a prompt confuses you but know up front that however it speaks to you is fine - interpret and fill it as works for you.

Bingos must be completed by Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 11:59pm US EDT. You can post anywhere you prefer: here, AO3, journal, personal blog. We're on the honor-system, no need to link us to them if you don't feel like it -- but it'd be most appreciated if you'd share them here on this post, or with a post of your own on 1-million-words so we can all squee for you and share in the bingo joy. Whatever you choose to do in that regard, do comment here by March 2nd to say you achieved a bingo and which card and bingo type you achieved so we can do up a reward for you!

By the way, I am aware no rewards got made for the last bingo we held in October, but I know who achieved, and while all of you are bingo-ing this month, I will be making rewards for those who missed out last time. SO SORRY about the delay!


Daily Count Challenge to craterdweller

Well, I managed a little over 1K on an original story (whew, these are a lot harder than they look) and then some more words on a fanfic (for Vikings, first time writing in this fandom), and altogether put together a total of 1477 words. I'm pleased with that.

craterdweller, you're up! Show us how it's done!

Feb BINGO cards!

See the previous entry for the rules. Rewards will be participation or completion banners, as I am able to make them. I won't specify more than that right now, but know that you will get something this time around! ;-)

Also, in addition to the ones here under the cut, we will have the wonderful craterdweller available to personally make some special graphics cards (picture prompts) which can be used for graphic inspiration or written inspiration in the normal way. If you would like Crater to make you one of these, please comment here and specify whether you want 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 picture prompts. Thanks, Crater!

Thank you also to the always amazing erinm_4600 who helped make the other cards available here. *hugs*

Anyone can use any of the available cards under the cut, and you don't have to tell us which one/s you will be attempting, but feel free to let us know in a comment, and hopefully we'll get a wide spread of the cards being used, not to mention a bunch of you taking part!

Also note that some of the 3x3 cards have a free space in the middle. Feel free to choose another prompt from any other card for this, or use one of your own. You can also swap out any one prompt you don't want to use on a card by exchanging it for one from another card, or using one of your own.

To the cards!Collapse )

Have fun, everyone! ;-)


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