January 4th, 2018

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Word of the Day 01/04/18 Propine

Propine (verb, noun)
propine [verb proh-peen; noun proh-peen, -pahyn] Scot.

verb (used with object), propined, propining.
1. to offer as a present.

2. a present; gift.

Origin: 1400-50; late Middle English propinen < Middle French propiner to give to drink, drink one's health < Latin propīnāre < Greek propī́nein to drink first, equivalent to pro- pro- + pī́nein to drink

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Weekend Challenge volunteers, please!

OK, I'm getting this one in quickly. I have fairyniamh down for the coming weekend (I emailed you, Fairy, so just let me know!), but I need volunteers to run the challenge for the first half of the year, so sign up here!

In your comment, let me know:
1/ How many weekends you can manage
2/ any dates/periods you CANNOT take

If you need any help deciding, or don't have a clue what running one will take, ask any questions here in a comment!
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Daily Count Challenge to simplyn2deep!

I had all these grand plans to start the new year off with an amazing word count, but that did not happen, and I have been sitting at 0 until Kaige tagged me.

So yesterday, I finally came up with a good plot for my Holly Poly fic, and I got the first 363 words written, with hopes to get a lot more written today.

And now, I am passing the torch to simplyn2deep! May the words be ever in your favor!!
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Daily Count Challenge to erinm_4600

Whoops, I forgot I was supposed to be writing right now. I mean...I need to get 5000 words this month, so I don't know how I could have forgotten.

When I saw that I'd been tagged, I got right to writing. Managed to get 520 words! (I'm only 390 behind what I should be at for the goal I set for myself at the end of December.)

Anyway, on to you, erinm_4600! Let's see what you've got!