January 1st, 2018


Word of the Day 01/01/18 Abubble

Abubble (adjective)
abubble [uh-buhb-uh l]

1. bubbling, as while cooking or boiling.
2. characterized by intense enthusiasm or activity: The store was abubble with last-minute shoppers.

Origin: First recorded in 1865-70; a- + bubble

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

do love
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January challenge: Resolution - Give It A Whirl!

Welcome to 2018. New year, new words, new way to make them!

I'll get last year's figures tallied up from work tomorrow, but in the interim you need to know how insanely proud I am of this group and everything we've accomplished over the year! YOU ALL ROCK SO HARD!!!

And back to January's challenge. I said to haldoor that I wanted us to try new writing forms/styles. Example:
1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person, dialog only, no dialog, no adjectives, no sense of sight/sound/touch/taste/smell, describe something with all senses. Something happy, something sad, angry, grieving, distrust, disgust. A sad celebration, a ebullient funeral. An exact drabble, an exact double drabble A SYMMETRINA!
Ok, I went of the rails there, but you see what I mean. I want some new style prompt for every day in January. A chance to try something new, or even if it's not new, try it again.

First, I need more style prompts, AND I need style prompts for graphics. So hit me up here with the things that occur to you.

To get the reward for the month (a participation banner) you must complete at least four prompts this month or a symmetrina (which will actually fill four by itself anyway). Fills are considered at least 100 words or 2 icons. Unless specified by the prompt itself, you are welcome to go over the counts as always.

Today's style prompt: Symmetrina
You are welcome to look up the exact definition of a symmetrina, but for the purposes of this challenge you will only need to:
A) Keep an odd number of chapters
B) First and last chapter must be written in the first person and must have exactly the same word count.
C) Second and second to last chapter must be in the second person, have exactly the same word count, and be exactly twice the word count of the first chapter.
D) All other chapters must be in the third person. There must be an odd number of them, and their word count must double the previous chapter or increase by exactly the same count. Once you reach your mid point, word counts should decrease by the same amount.

To better illustrate-
Ch 1 - 1st person 100 words
Ch 2 - 2nd person 200 words
Ch 3 - 3rd person 300 words (or 400)
Ch 4 - 3rd person 400 words (or 800)
Ch 5 - 3rd person 300 words (or 400)
Ch 6 - 2nd person 200 words
Ch 7 - 1st person 100 words

You may have as few as 5 chapters, or you can go as big as you want.

OR you can just do four random fills for the month.

But first we need more style prompts!