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Create a TV Show: Mutants, Mysteries and Murders (mark 2)

Mutants, Mysteries and Murders
Lord Arthur Abbington has assembled some of the world’s most powerful superheroes to protect his city of Culorum. Together they must fight against forces entirely outside of their understanding and somehow save this city from the deadly and mysterious villains that they come up against. They were brought together just for the pay off, maybe it might grow to be something more.

Note - This is based on a D&D like roleplay I did with some friends so the insantity is not all mine. I don't need psyciatric help, I swear!
This is a continuation from my TV show from last year!

Main Characters
Philip Harris: Colin O'Donoghue

Philip Harris, also known as Cynapse, is the chief of the Culorum Police Department and is the moral heart of the group. He is the one to stop the rest of the team when they have the crazy ideas and often the one to clean up their messes with the help of Lord Arthur and his police department. He is immune to all poisons and diseases and can, with a lot of energy and exertion, draw poison or disease out of other people into himself.
Carl Bishop: Voice of David Tennant
Also known as the Cat Burglar of Chicago, Carl is an unstoppable thief that had plagued the city of Chicago for years with the police force having no idea what he looked like. That’s because no one knows what he looks like. Three years ago, Carl Bishop was a leading nuclear scientist when he was caught in an explosion. The radioactive matter turned his whole body invisible and he still has no idea of a cure. He hates violence and dislikes the idea of being a hero but it pays well and he has a group of people who know he exists.
Sam Baker: Oscar Isaac

Sam Baker, also known as Wing, was always ostracised by society after drinking a contaminated energy drink. Overnight he was in agonising pain as fully formed wings sprouted out of his back. He was suddenly able to fly and had reflexes a bird would be jealous of. He moved to Culorum with the hope of finding people who might accept him. He was discovered by Cynapse and recruited to the team.
James Rock: Tyler Perry

James Rock was the last member of the team to be recruited. From an alternate version of Earth, James was in a chemical fire and half his body had been replaced with technology. Codename Cyborg, James is recruited into the team as he had nowhere else to go until he can work out how to get back home again.
Silon: Alexander Skarsgård

Silon is an alien soldier that was stranded on earth when his spaceship crashed in the wilderness in Texas. He was unconscious in his ship when Cara stumbled upon it. With the ship no better than scrap metal, Silon resigned himself to staying on this planet with his new friend. However he has no idea of human customs and relies on Cara to steer him through most situations. With Cara’s abilities and Silon’s advanced fighting techniques they decided to form a crime fighting duo. The only problem is Silon doesn’t know when to stop himself and a trail of bodies is left everywhere they go. Silon can teleport to any location he can see or has seen before and is very proficient with any weapon you can throw at him.
Cara Rhose: Willa Holland

Cara, codename Aura, was born in a little town in Texas and ever since she was young she knew she was different to all the children around her. She can manipulate temperature and conjure fire and ice. At first she had no idea how to control it freezing or burning things with every display of emotion. Her parents had no idea what to do with her as doctors and psychiatrists couldn’t do anything. She ran away at the age of twelve and managed to get a handle on her powers. At nineteen she found Silon and they have been travelling together for the past two years. She is discovered to be the reincarnation of Guinevere but decides to carry on with her team not to join the Knights of the Round Table but they offered there help whenever she needed it.

Recurring Characters
Lord Arthur Abbington: John Slattery

Arthur is the man who assembles all the ‘heroes’ and funds all their endeavours (to a certain extent, apparently if they want a warship they have to buy it themselves). He owns Abbington manor, the base of operations, just outside of Culorum. He notices a crime syndicate growing in the city and decides to recruit a team to work outside the police force.
Mr (Kevin) Shine: Martin Freeman

Mr Shine is a Knight of the Round Table in the modern day era. They are a group of superhumans who are believed to be the reincarnations of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Mr Shine is the reincarnation of Sir Gareth. The team stumble upon Mr Shine and the Knights when hunting for the base of the crime syndicate they are hunting down. Mr Shine grows fond of Cara and they become good friends leading Mr Shine to help the team on some of their missions and sometimes the help of more of the knights, despite the fact Silon nearly killed two of them. He has the ability to emit a blinding light from his chest which is controlled by a shield mark on the breastplate of his armour.
King Arthur: Alex Pettyfer

Believed to be the reincarnation of King Arthur, Jack Butler is the leader of the Knights of the Round Table and for a time Cara’s boyfriend. He is heir to a large technology company called Merlin Enterprises and has often gifted some of his tech to our team to aid them.
The Queen: Johanna Braddy

The Queen is the second in command of the Chess Men, the growing crime group our characters are tasked with destroying. She can teleport like Silon and she has enhanced speed. It is later revealed she is actually the Anna Ryder, the mayor’s wife and the mayor is the big boss.
The Rook: David Harewood

The Rook is the Chess Men’s main enforcer. He is charged with defeating the team and stopping any resistance before they get to the Queen and the King. He can transform into any animal but his favourite is a jaguar so that’s the one he most commonly fights as.
The King: Clive Standen

Oliver Ryder is the mayor and the leader of the major crime syndicate based out of Culorum. He funds the whole operation and only a small number of people know what he looks like with The Rook and the Queen running his operation. He has the abilities of persuasion and mental manipulation. He can make you do whatever he wants you to do and twist what you see. If you know the illusion is there or that he is trying to manipulate you then you can shake it off.

Season 1
Episode 1: Opening Moves
Lord Arthur Abbington requests that Philip begins to assemble the team. They discuss the timing and argue about the necessity but eventually Philip concedes and picks up the phone. We see a seemingly empty room looking over the Chicago skyline. The door clicks open but no one walks through, there is a ripple of wind causing the curtains to move. A mysterious force picks up a jumper and it is pulled down like it was sliding over a body. A voice sighs and the answerphone button is pressed. The message has a cheery male voice telling the occupant of the apartment that he had won an all expenses trip to Culorum to stay in the Abbington Manor. The jumper floats over to the sofa and the sofa springs creak as the cushion sinks slightly and we hear a sigh. It cuts to a speeding train racing towards the Culorum skyline. The camera zooms in on a man (Oscar Isaac) napping with his face pressed against the window. Large brown wings are tucked up against his back and one of them twitches as the train moved. As we enter the train there is a low hum of noise but the majority of people are staring at Sam, murmuring and pointing. The train conductor clears his throat, stirring Sam out of his sleep and requests that Sam cover his wings. They argue but Sam eventually has to concede, draping a jacket over his shoulders. He curls up closer into himself and continues to look out of the window. We cut to Sam walking out of the station, wings now uncovered and looking down at a piece of paper. Philip stood leaning against a car and attracted Sam’s attention. Philip has offered Sam a job and they both get into the car. Next we cut to an alleyway in Culorum, all is still and quiet until a man in a ski mask skids round the corner thudding into bins and running into the alley. Cara and Silon deal with the criminal they are chasing and it turns out it is Philip that commissioned them for the job and when they report back, despite the death they are paid in full and offered places on the team. All four of them are assembled in one of the lounges of Abbington Manor and Arthur explains the team. After a bit of persuading they all agree to join. However before they can do anything else, a wormhole tears open the sky and an object hurtles towards the ground.

Excerpt 1: Arthur and Philip discuss the team
(Scene opens with AA stood in front of a roaring fire in an old manor house, portraits and paintings line the walls including one of AA which he is stood under)
(PH knocks on the door and eases it open)
(AA turns around, camera lingers on AA stood under his portrait)
(PH steps in a quietly shuts the door behind him)

PH: Sir, you requested me?
AA: It’s time Philip, they are gathering. (pause) I need your help to bring the team together
(PH steps towards the table where a file lays open. Zoom in on the papers, reports of all the team laid over each other with SB’s on top)
(Cuts back out to PH looking over to AA)

PH: (flicks through the pages) Is this really the best course of action? These people are all loose canons, bringing them in to a tense situation could make it all exponentially worse
AA: (smiles) Ye of little faith, just make the calls Philip. It will all fall into place
PH: (sighs) Of course, I’ll get to it (picks up the file and turns to leave) (looks back over his shoulder). By the way, Angie told me to tell you that Mayor Ryder called and wants to speak with you as soon as you are able. He wants your support for his re-election campaign
AA: Oh thank you, tell Angie to patch him through. Part of his manifesto is to improve the police force you know
PH: (chuckles) Don’t I need it, sometimes it seems like I am the only officer in this town
AA: (Laughs)
(PH leaves, shutting the door behind him and fading to title music and title screen)

Excerpt 2 – Carl receives news of his prize
Message: Hello Mr Bishop, its Philip here Mr Abbington’s assistant. I am calling to tell you congratulations you’re postcode has won you an all-expenses paid trip to Culorum to stay in the beautiful Abbington Manor. You will be emailed all the details and we look forward to seeing you soon.
CB: (chuckles under his breath) What’s the odds of that? I didn’t even know Abbington Manor was open to the public. Maybe it is time to get out of dodge. Retirement for the Cat Burglar of Chicago, that sounds nice.

Excerpt 3: Cara and Silon hunt down a petty criminal (it does not end well for the petty criminal)
CR and S round the corner and look into the alley. Criminal is trying to climb up onto one of the bins to reach a fire escape. CR leans casually against the wall
CR: Oh come on I found the guy now it’s your job
S: Let him squirm a little longer. It’s the fun part
CR: If he gets away you’re on your own chasing him
S: (laughs) He won’t get very far anyway. You ruin all the fun!
CR: I’m sorry, you’re the expert (raises hands in surrender)
S: Thank you
S fires his gun, hitting the perp smack in the back and burning a hole through his body
CR: I thought I said no killing. We were supposed to detain the guy. (murmurs) Just once we’ll actually complete a job to the specifications
S: Humans are so flimsy

Episode 2: Consolidation
The newly formed team take their van, that Cara is determined should be named the Mystery Machine, to go investigate the unidentified object that has torn a hole in the fields about a mile away from Culorum. Upon arriving at the site they find a surprisingly lifelike robot. Meet James Rock, half cyborg and from an alternate dimension. However after the typical period of shock and questions, James is recruited to the team while they research getting him home. Philip gets word of a robbery at the major supermarket in Culorum and decides it is a perfect time to try out the new team. Cara gets Carl inside to scout out the area by causing a distraction. Silon teleports on to the roof and Sam flies up to use a skylight to drop in on Carl’s signal. Cara and Philip took out the two guards on the door at Carl’s signal as the other two dropped through the skylight. They manage to stop the robbery with only three deaths, two by Silon and one by Carl when he tased a guy with a pacemaker. They go out to a bar to celebrate but are called back to the mansion when Arthur has a new lead on the crime syndicate they are tasked with hunting down.

Excerpt 1 – The team meets James Rock
(All team arrive at the sight with S, CR and SB arriving first. S and CR arrive by teleport with CR’s arms wrapped round S’s neck. JR laid on his side in a crater)
CR: Oh my god cyborg, my day is just getting better. Blackbird over there and the invisible man and now a Cyborg!
SB: I think that’s offensive
CR: Only if you think about it too much
S: Is this normal in this world?
SB: I don’t think so mate. But I’m not normal in this world so who knows.
CR: (leaning down over the body) That is true, normal is subjective
(JR’s eye’s flicker open and he sits up suddenly. CR yelps and jumps backwards, just caught by SB)
JR: Where am I? Where have you taken me?
SB: We just found you here. You fell from a portal.
(The rest of the team arrive in the van and pile out)
CB: Wow Cyborg!
CR: Cool right!
PH: Not the time guys. Deal with the problem at hand, and then fangirl over the robot.
CR: He’s not a robot, he’s a cyborg
(JR slowly gets to his feet)
JR: And he’s still here. I fell through a portal?
S: A large portal in the sky opened as we were talking and you fell hitting the ground here. We came to investigate. You woke up scaring my friend which is why the one with the wings is still holding her
(CR and SB look at each other and SB slowly lowers her to the floor)
JR: Sorry to interrupt but is there any of you that know anything about portals.
PH: To put it bluntly, no
S: Why would you put it any other way than bluntly?
CR: (pats S on the shoulder) Not now, I’ll explain later

Excerpt 2: After the Supermarket, Cara confronts Carl
CR: I can’t believe you killed a guy!
CB: Your insane friend kills people all the time
S: What is the problem? Killing is the mark of a warrior, a title you should wear with pride
CR: I’m working on that but you (pokes Carl in the shoulder) should (poke) know (poke) better
CB: It was an accident! How was I supposed to know he had a pacemaker!

Episode 3: Pawn Contact
The introduction of the Chess Men to the team. The Chess Men are a growing crime syndicate funded by an unknown man called The King. Philip and Arthur have been trying to pin them down but none of the pawns have ever met their boss. Philip received an anonymous tip that a Chess Men enforcer was making a deal in a restaurant downtown tonight. The team went to go investigate and the tip was correct. Cara went undercover as a waitress but as soon as she went anywhere near them the conversation turned to benign subjects. They didn’t want to reveal themselves to the Chess Men this early but as the enforcer, a Knight, was getting ready to leave it forced their hand. They tried to extract the Knight without a full on battle but of course that went badly. They fought the Chess Men and managed to win but they lost the enforcer. However Sam noticed that all the agents they fought had the same suit on. Philip looked back through all the files and the pawns he had stopped all had that exact design of suit on as well just in either black or white. To get that many of the same suit must be a strange order so someone might know where they were being delivered to. There is only one tailors in Culorum so the team set off to investigate. The tailor refuses to give them his order books without a court order and they all know they would be destroyed by the time they returned with the requested court order. So Sam pretends to need a new suit with wing holes; the tailor kicked everyone out apart from Sam and the invisible Carl. With the tailor being distracted Carl is able to use Sam’s phone to take pictures of all the orders and sneak out the back door without the tailor noticing a floating phone. There is no big order but there is a large number of people ordering the same suit and a few ordering more than one. It is doubtful the king’s name would be on the list but they would interrogate all the people and one of them had to know who he was. First name on the list: Mr Kevin Shine.

Episode 4: Artificial Manoeuvres
Using Philip’s resources, the team manages to find out where Mr Shine lives, in a high class apartment building in the city. But the doorman was not letting them in without a good reason. So, for some unknown reason in the minds of the insane, they went out to a kitchenware shop and bought a couple of boxes of plates. After the security guard change, the returned to the door and pretended to be Norwegian Plate Salesman delivering to Mr Shine. When he denied it, a panicked Norwegian speaking Cara with Sam trying to explain the situation in random Norwegian words. Eventually Mr Shine and the security guard let them up, mostly just to shut them up. Once again Cara acted as a confused foreign distraction allowing Carl to sneak through the door. Mr Shine buys the plates and then they lost the charade and started the interrogation. Mr Shine did have four of the suits (two white and two black) but he also had an extensive collection of other suits. He refused to tell them anything, even with a real threat of bodily harm his mouth remained closed. An innocent person would deny everything not remain silent. They were escorted from the building but staked out his apartment in the van. That evening he left in what looked like a hurry and the team tailed him to a club called Knightlife. The place was closed and by the time Carl managed to break them in Mr Shine was gone. In the centre of the dance floor there was a sword stuck in a stone, like the Arthurian legend. It is theorised that the sword would be the key and Silon tried first with his enhanced alien strength. It didn’t move and it didn’t move when anyone tried it. Cara was the last to try and with a little wiggling it came free. Once the shock died down, Carl noticed that there was a slot in the floor next to the rock that could fit the sword. Cara placed it in and the floor parted in front of them to reveal a staircase with an intricate door at the bottom. They bust through the door with stun grenades and weapons raised. Silon is about to kill two of the knights that jumped to action when Philip calls them all to a halt. They then work out these aren’t the Chess Men. Their leader demands to know who opened the door, then claiming that only those who are regenerated Knights of the Round Table can open the door. They are determined that Cara is the regeneration of Guinevere and ask that she stay and fight crime with them. She refuses but they form an alliance to give aid to each other in times of need.

Episode 5: Broad Pawn Centre (dedicated to: asphaltcowgrrl for a Weekend Challenge Reward)
There is a quiet time where it seems the Chess Men are biding their time. We see the team aiding the police in a drugs bust and dispatching the targets easily once again with only minimal death. Crime rates in the city had raised, drawing attention to the mayoral race between current mayor Natalie Luck and the favourite by far, Oliver Ryder. Ryder was using the crime problem to say that Luck wasn’t doing a good enough job. The team once again get called out to an incident involving an elemental that can control cold and ice who was shutting down the airport. Using Mr Shine’s energy blast and Cara’s powers over heat they manage to capture him, with most of his body parts still functioning, and he reveals that he was paid by this guy in a very fancy suit to cause some disruption as a distraction. The Chess Men were behind this crime wave. They reluctantly let the elemental go but they took the phone that he was contacted on. The team would know if the Chess Men wanted to hire the elemental again or of course try and kill. A couple of days later they received a text asking to meet at the same restaurant they busted a month ago. Due to the less than conspicuous nature of most of their party. It was decided that Mr Shine would go to the meet with Carl listening in, and Cara would be in the restaurant with Philip for support when they confronted the Rook. The night of the meet they were texted a table and they team got into position. The police, Silon, Sam and James had the building surrounded as Mr Shine sat down at the table. The elemental told them that he had never met the man so they should be able to get some information before taking him down. About ten minutes later the Rook (David Harewood) and a pawn settled down at the table across from Mr Shine. It was revealed that they were impressed with the carnage caused but wanted information on the group that stopped him. Mr Shine tried to lie about their identities but they were caught. The restaurant descended into chaos but they managed to take down the Rook and the pawn, with them both surviving. Back in their secret base under Abbington Manor, no one of them are able to get the Rook to talk but it was clear they had attracted the attention of the Chess Men now. They had to be prepared for anything that the organisation could throw at them.

Episode 6: Zwischenzug 
The team decide it is too risky to be seen out in public as the Chess Men are looking for them. In preparation for this self-imposed isolation, Cara and Silon are sent out to get supplies. On the way back they are attacked by two black vans and run off the road despite Silon’s weapon skills and Cara’s powers. The team hear about the attack on the news and split up to try and find their missing team. Cara and Silon wake up tied back to back on chairs in a dilapidated warehouse. When their captor walks in Cara signals to Silon to remain still. He could easily break out of the bonds and Cara could free herself with ice but they needed information. It turns out these men were nothing to do with the Chess Men, they were the Swedish Plate Mafia and wanted the ‘Norweigen Plate Salesmen’ to leave their territory. Cara bursting out laughing did not go down well. They threated Cara and Cara told Silon to deal with them mafia fashion. Only one of them survived and he was told to spread the word: Culorum belonged to the Norwegian Plate Mafia. When Silon and Cara return they explain the whole situation and no one could believe that was actually a real thing but they are all glad they have a legit business to fund their superhero adventures. Silon still wants that warship he asked for at the beginning.
Sam and Philip are about to leave to get the supplies when a media search pings back. It is reported that the mayor has ordered for all powered citizens to be brought in to custody for the safety of the people of Culorum. Philip’s phone rang instantaneously and it was his deputy askng where he was. It was known in the police force that Philip had a power. Without hesitation he crushed his phone so it couldn’t be tracked. All the team did the same. The Chess Men knew what they were, and had people high in government and the team couldn’t stall any longer. But they also had to help save all these powered people being unjustly persecuted.

Episode 7: Speculative (dedicated to: asphaltcowgrrl for the 5+1 Challenge reward)
Carl and James are fighting off police officers to allow a powered family to escape in the middle of a park. The   child had accidently revealed he could levitate in a moment of excitement and the on duty cop had called it in. Philip tells them to try and move it to a less populated area but they are far outnumbered and trying not to use deadly force; if the powered folk were seen ti hostile then they would only alienate the humans that were tentatively on their side. They manage to hold off the police long enough for Silon to finish his other mission and teleport the family to the mansion. Arthur was running a secret railroad getting the powered to a safe location in the countryside until this all blew over and King Arthur was trying to convince mayoral candidate and frontrunner Oliver Ryder not to persecute. Sam extracts James and Carl from the situation and back to the manor. They all have an argument about the techniques they are using. It is working but only stopping the symptoms not curing the disease. It is also revealed that Cara has been dating King Arthur for the past few weeks and has been hiding it from the team because they wouldn't approve of her trusting a man they barely knew. They didn't approve. However Cara wasn't going to let the team dictate her life and she stormed out. Just as the door slammed in her wake, another attack on the powered civilians was reported and it was said these 'freaks' were hostile. It was a team of 5 men with wings that were dressed and acted like a Superhero team. Our team saved their lives when three of them were grounded and about to be taken into custody. When all their members were healing they offered Sam a place in their team. Sam was tempted but couldn't abandon the first people to accept him.

Episode 9: Sans Voir
The team is crumbling. Cara joins the ranks of the Knights, claiming she would only return if the whole team accepted that she was in a relationship and agreed to trust the Knights. Silon is wild and uncontrolled with his only true friend out of action causing deaths of the police they are fighting against. James spends all of his time trying to find a way home before they are targeted and Sam is seriously considering the Flock's offer to join their ranks. It is only when Mr Shine arrives with a new lead in the Chess Men case that they agree to put aside their differences to finish the job. He has found a club where it is thought that the Queen was hiding. However his source said that only those with the strongest powers and souls would prevail in finding the hide out. They all arrive at the club: it is called the Chessboard (they really should have noticed that earlier). Thankfully it was shut so Carl broke them in and they all slide inside. The dance floor was extensive and in the middle there was a large chess board that looked like it was in the middle of play. On the floor in front of the board there was a message written quite recently. "We knew you would find us eventually fake heroes. Face our tests and you may get the answers you seek". Despite all knowing it was a trap they proceed anyway but there was no button or door to proceed through. After extensive evaluation of the room, James notices there are pieces missing on the board.

Episode 10: Active Defence
Each of the missing pieces corresponds to a member of the team and when they all stand in position the floor shifts away to reveal a spiral staircase.
The caverns below are a maze with each of the rooms contain a challenge before they can pass through. Each of the challenges are themed around the signs of the zodiac.
After the last challenge they walk into a large military base looking room where the Queen is sat waiting

Episode 11: En Prise
The Queen has an evil monologue and reveals that the Chess Men are spread across the country and want to take charge of Culorum to use it as their base of operations. They fight her but she is too fast and strong and their attacks are uncoordinated. James manages to pin her down and one of Cara's fire balls hits it's mark but she teleports before they can incapcitate her.
They raid the room but all the data is destroyed apart from the paper the Queen was about to shred. It was an invite to Oliver Ryder's charity gala. At first they think the gala is the target but then Cara remembers where she had seen the Queen before. The Queen was the soon to be Mayor's wife. And so it make sense that the king would be Oliver Ryder, Culorum's wonderkid.
Philip managed to convince the police force that he would help them catch other mutants so was reinstated as Captain. He was invited to the gala. Cara was invited as Jack's guest and Arthur got Silon a ticket. James and Sam would be too noticeable and Carl slipped in undetected. They mingled as nessecary and Sam couldn't take his eyess off Cara, but it was clear she cared about Jake.
During the gala, someone tipped the police that there was a bomb under the building, when Cara tried to take down Oliver as he tried to leave he possessed her mind. She was unable to move with crippling fear rolling through her mind. With her scream resonating everything faded to black.

Episode 12: Outflanking
They had managed to take the Queen into custody but Cara disappeared in the chaos around the rumoured bombing. Anna Ryder was saying nothing and they had no evidence to take down Oliver. He publically disowned his wife and claimed he knew nothing of her plans as the Chess Men continue to ravage the city. The election was in a couple of weeks and unless something major happened, Oliver was going to gain control of the city. As a stalling tactic, Arthur put himself forward for mayor, spliting the vote so no one would have majority.
A few weeks pass and the team have still heard nothing from Cara and neither has Arthur. Just before the vote, Oliver held a press conference to talk about the vote and his wife's incarcaration. During this conference he introduces his new girlfriend, it was Cara. Sam managed to push his way through the guards after the conference and grabs Cara's arm. He's on the floor in seconds, her fighting skills were much better than they had ever seen before and she didn't recognise him. On voting day it is looking like Oliver might edge majority. At the vote Cara is hanging off Oliver's arm and the look in her eyes does look like she was in love. But why wouldn't she recognise her friends.
Oliver loses the vote to Arthur and is forced to use hostile methods to take the city. In the attack, Sam and Silon are forced to fight Cara and Silon manages to knock her out and restrain her in the back of the van. They manage to arrest Oliver and Arthur takes his place as mayor. Using some unsavory methods they get Oliver to release the spell, but Cara still has large gaps in her short term memory and is try to piece her life back together with the help of Arthur and Silon.

Season 2
The team have been touring the world helping take down crime now their city was protected but when a new force is growing that the Knights of the Round Table cannot defeat, our heroes are brought back to their home to try and stop the fall of Culorum




Cat Burgular of Chicago:



Cara - Ball Outfit


Silon - Ball Outift



Philip - Ball Outfit



Queen - Ball outfit

Fan Campaign for S2
It was rumoured that Syfy were not going to renew the show for a second season after the low initial ratings and the niche audience. The fans rallied behind the show and along with a massive rise in on demand viewings, showed it was worth continuing for at least another season. The actors showed great interest in this show continuing far into the future.

Wings/Aura is the most popular fan-pairing despite the duo never getting together in the show. The most popular canon pairing is Cara/Arthur.
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