December 20th, 2017

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Word of the Day 12/20/17 Protagonist

Protagonist (noun)
protagonist [proh-tag-uh-nist]
(previously 03-20-13)

1. the leading character, hero, or heroine of a drama or other literary work.
2. a proponent for or advocate of a political cause, social program, etc.
3. the leader or principal person in a movement, cause, etc.
4. the first actor in ancient Greek drama, who played not only the main role, but also other roles when the main character was offstage.
Compare deuteragonist, tritagonist.
5. Physiology. agonist.

Can be confused
antagonist, proponent

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Origin: 1665-75; < Greek prōtagōnistḗs actor who plays the first part, literally, first combatant, equivalent to prôt(os) first + agōnistḗs one who contends for a prize, combatant, actor. See proto-, antagonist

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Two Chairs

Swap of Joy for Kaige68

Title: A Pleasant Evening in Last Chance
Author: sharpiesgal
Fandoms: Star Trek (AOS), Hawaii 5-0, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairings: Len McCoy/Pavel Chekov, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Clint Barton/Bruce Banner/Bucky Barnes
Summary: Just another pleasant spring evening in the town of Last Chance, Wyoming.
Author's Notes: In trying to create an AU based on the newest Magificient Seven movie, I created a new world to play in. I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas.
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