December 5th, 2017


Advent Day 5: Zootopia

Today the fandom is: Zootopia. A children's film that has more depth than it first appears. It is about not judging a person based on their looks. After all, most serial killers don't look like the evil that they perpetuate on innocent bystanders.

About how people can change (even when they are jaded by life.)

It's about trying, even when you fail, keep trying. (Though I will say if you are trying murder. Stop, don't try it. Try knitting or painting instead.)

Is this the best Disney Movie? No, but it is good.

Here are 27 Icons to do with as you please. Including altering them.

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CSI-christmas Grissom
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Advent: apology!

We had a last minute illness take hold of our Day 3 Advent poster, so apologies this hasn't happened yet! I have asked a pinch-hitter to fill in, so hopefully something will happen very soon for the day that got missed, and I have messaged our wonderful Dreamy to let her know to go ahead with Day 4!

Please PM me if you have any last minute reasons for being unable to post on your own day, Adventers! We won't be angry, just concerned for you! We can get pinch-hitters in, and though their posts may be a little later than scheduled, they will get one done, have no worry! ;-)

By the same token, if the person scheduled before you has not posted by midnight PST on their day and you're ready to post by 6am the next, please go ahead and post! If they're out of order, so be it! This ain't the Counting Police (maybe the Dream Police...! Now you know what's going through my brain! ;-P)!