October 29th, 2017

Murphy's Shamrocks

Single Line Bingo!

I'm pushing my luck this month, but I made a single line bingo on hurt/comfort card #3 (the first 3x3)!  Thanks to the Word Wars yesterday or I'd have never managed this.

Title: Three Time Loser
Fandom: White Pine Original Fiction
Pairing: Ethan McDowell/Travis Murphy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,495
Summary: On the eve of his in-laws’ anniversary, Ethan contemplates his past relationships.

Pre-NaNo and Mini WriMo Brainstorm

Howdy folks!

We are just a few days away from the start of Nov. which means it is time to get fired up for NaNoWriMo and mini WriMo!

Need to bounce ideas for your project?

Have links/suggestions for name generators?

Stuck on which POV you should use?

Or maybe you just want to announce your novel/project idea here -

It's all good. I'll be watching this post live for the next hour, but will add it to my watchlist for those who want to brainstorm but couldn't make it live.
1MW-august rush
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August Rush Rewards banners!

...are finally done!  I know, I am very late, but I finally had a chance to have a go at them and they are now all done!

Some of you asked for specific things in your banner, so I have done my best to give you something I hope you like, and the rest are just a variation on the one banner, so hopefully they are okay!  Do with them what you will!  Congratulations to all of those who took part, and I hope you'll come back again next year!

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And for those of you playing with Bingo, remember you only have a couple more days to get your completed creations in! Good luck!