October 18th, 2017

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Word of the Day 10/18/17 Thimblerig

Thimblerig (noun, verb)
thimblerig [thim-buh l-rig]

1. a sleight-of-hand swindling game in which the operator palms a pellet or pea while appearing to cover it with one of three thimblelike cups, and then, moving the cups about, offers to bet that no one can tell under which cup the pellet or pea lies.

verb (used with object), thimblerigged, thimblerigging.
2. to cheat by or as by the thimblerig.

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Origin: First recorded in 1815-25; thimble + rig

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
rogue/gambit: coup, fiction: coup, coup fatal

Marvel Is Marvel 2017 - Sign Ups Open!

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The idea here is to organize a gift exchange designed for Marvel and its many branched runs, authors, related and unrelated fandoms. The idea is to include the X-Men side and the Avengers side and every other side that non-Marvel fans don't realize is Marvel. The idea is to include any timeline you want, any world you want, any character you want, so long as it's Marvel.


Dreamwidth Community | LiveJournal Feed | 2017 AO3 Collection | 2017 Tagset

  • Nominations: Sunday, September 24 - Saturday, October 14

  • Sign Ups: Tuesday, October 17 - Sunday, October 29

  • Assignments Out: Monday, November 6

  • Works Due: Saturday, December 9

  • Works Revealed: Sunday, December 17

  • Authors Revealed: Sunday, December 24

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Bingo check-in!

I know I have been very remiss and have not checked in at all so far to see how all you Bingoers are doing, but here I am at last! I have not been playing Bingo this time around, but I am working my way through banner rewards for August Rush, which means I should be able to post them very soon!

.   .     .     .     .      bingo balls-small.jpg

Anyway, I'm all ears... how are you getting on with your bingo cards? Any questions; need any help or direction?