September 4th, 2017


Word of the Day 09/04/17 Paludal

Paludal (adjective)
paludal [puh-lood-l, pal-yuh-dl]

1. of or relating to marshes.
2. produced by marshes, as miasma or disease.

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Origin: 1810-20; < Latin palūd- (stem of palūs) swamp, marsh + -al

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Awesome Monday

Hello all!

The sun is shining once again on a water logged Southeast Texas. We are picking up the pieces and moving on.

We had another successful August Rush. Yay, us!!!

kaige68 will give us a count for August in the next few days. I'm certain we kicked butt.

Tell us all how awesome you plan to be this week.

I might get some of my wips tidied up and posted.
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Daily Count going to....

gonna go down the list to candream
Tried thatwasjustadream and I get 'invalid user' I'm gonna have to look into that.

Anyhow, had 5 hrs worth of audio editing today...11 more chapters to go...
That and all the housework I've done this weekend means I got to none of the prompts I'm accumulating...but I still intend to do that once this edit is complete.

Good luck!
SG1: Jack - Temptation

Monthly Challenge: September Twist

Feel like you've exhausted all your plot bunnies with your favorite characters/fandoms/worlds? Have a story that's been sitting around for ages but you just can't figure out where to go next? Or perhaps you want to try something just a little different - then this month's challenge is for you.

The rules are pretty simple - take your favorite fandom/characters/pairings/original work and give them a TWIST.

Examples of some twists (but feel free to come up with your own):

* put them in an alternate universe
* cross it over with another fandom/original work
* bring a minor character front and center - make them the protagonist
* change POV (write the story from the antagonist/villain point of view for example)
* recast the characters (gender swap, change their age - turn elves into werewolves)

1K words (total - can be smaller fics) - customized participation banner/gif or 5 custom icons
500 words - participation banner or 2 custom icons
250 words - participation icon
Or I can add words to a WIP.

Post your work(s) to the comm and/or link in the "I've twisted" comment thread. I'm also adding a "twist brainstorm" comment thread in case you want to bat around your ideas.

haldoor or kaige68 - can we get a tag for this challenge please?
1MW-august rush
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August Rush: the Results & Rewards (to come)

Banner-with text.jpg

Hey everyone, this is the final round-up of all things created in 2017's August Rush!

The weekly round-up posts are linked here should you wish to look at anything anyone created (Each weekly post has links back to each day, and each day either features the creations or links you to them):

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4

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All up, our participants created an astounding 24,838 words and 382 graphics (382,000 words worth!) for this year's August Rush! That is one fantastic effort! Put your hands together for all of them; they did such a great job! I will get onto the rewards banners as soon as I can (no promises on speed, but you will definitely get them, because I REALLY need the graphics count!!!). If you want any fandom in particular or a mix of the ones you covered to feature in your banner, let me know in a comment here.

Thank you all for contributing; it's been a great Rush! ;-) I hope you will all join in again next year, and maybe we'll have some other entries too! *gives a final round of applause*