August 25th, 2017

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Word of the Day 08/25/17 Palsy-Walsy

Palsy-Walsy (adjective)
palsy-walsy [pal-zee-wal-zee]

adjective, Slang.
1. friendly or appearing to be friendly in a very intimate or hearty way: The police kept their eye on him because he was trying to get palsy-walsy with the security guard.

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Origin: First recorded in 1930-35; rhyming compound based on palsy

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Hey everyone! You are all doing very well! (any of the Brits/colonials may recognise the quote; points to anyone who knows what old TV show it's from!) August Rush has been going great guns!

I'm just popping in a quick post here to let those of you who are currently participating in August Rush know that I have been checking out all the great entries this week. I've been trying to comment from work because my evenings have been a bit busy, but I keep getting error messages and none of my comments will post! I wanted you all to know I'm not ignoring you, and I will get to those comments, but it may not be till the end of next week at this rate!

I am away with my husband from Sunday - we fly to Sydney (Australia) for the night, and then we board a cruise ship on Monday there, and spend four nights at sea going back home to Auckland (New Zealand). I'm very excited about this as I've never cruised before! While it's short and we only get to see a little bit of Sydney, it's going to be a great break from home and the kids (as many of you know it's been a busy few months with moving house etc), and there is plenty to do on board the ship, which is the Pacific Jewel (P&O Cruises) for anyone who wants to know!

Incidentally, Dreamy, that pic of Steve earlier this week is from early S6 H50, where he and Lynn went on the date on a boat and ended up on an island (shades of Lost! I even said to my hubby, 'Where's the plane?' just before they discovered it, totally not expecting it, so clearly I have psychic abilities after all! HA!).

Anyway, I hope to at least get the rest of the August Rush prompt posts scheduled before I go, and hopefully the Week Three Round-up as well (unless I have any last minute offers to do this for me?), if there's time!

ENJOY the last week's pictures, and GO, GO, GO, create your hearts out! I know you will come up with some wonderful things! ;-)
be fabulous!

Weekend Challenge: Summer Daze

Good morning, all! Sev here with the Weekend Challenge! It's the tail end of summer, which means that (in my part of the woods, anyway) there will soon be no more weekend trips to the beach, lazing about in the sun, or grumbling about how "it ain't the heat, it's the humidity." This weekend challenge is about capturing that last gasp of summer before we have to dig out our sweaters and start grumbling about wind chill.

I've compiled 30 songs about summer/heat/vacations. Pick any 3 numbers between 1 and 30 and use one (two? ALL?) to inspire a sure-to-be-amazing fic or graphic. Be inspired by the song title, the lyrics, or even the images in the videos. Be creative and fantastic!

In return, I will... certainly do my best to work on my fic this weekend. Yup.

Okay, send me your requests! I'm here all day. :)