July 30th, 2017

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Word of the Day 07/30/17 Astute

Astute (adjective)
as·tute [uh-stoot, uh-styoot] (previously 03-06-13)

1. of keen penetration or discernment; sagacious: an astute analysis.
2. clever; cunning; ingenious; shrewd: an astute merchandising program; an astute manipulation of facts.

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1. smart, quick, perceptive.
2. artful, crafty, wily, sly.

Origin: 1605–15; < Latin astutus shrewd, sly, cunning, equivalent to astu- (stem of astus ) cleverness + -tus adj. suffix

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
zoe noah

Pool party entries - 13 Reasons Why

Title: Nothing Will Come Of Nothing, Speak Again
Fandom: 13 Reasons Why
Characters: Tony, Clay. Mentions of Hannah, Ryan, Alex, Zach
Pairing: Tony/Clay
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers throughout the series, suicide reference
Summary: Tony listened to the tapes expecting to hear his name.

I did nothing. That's the point, I did nothing to help her

Title: Letters to the Lost
Fandom: 13 Reasons Why
Characters: Zach Dempsey.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for all episodes, specifically Zach's, and reference to suicide.
Summary: Zach writes a compliment letter to Hannah to make up for the ones he stole.

Zach didn't know why Hannah said he threw the letter away
1MW-august rush

WOOHOO! Announcing 2017's August Rush fandoms!

Hey everyone, I am here to announce the six fandoms we'll be covering in August Rush this year!

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We had a large number of fandoms getting a similar number of votes (4 and 3), so in the end, the final decision is more about including everyone rather than the highest number of votes. However, the top four were clear winners, so most of the voters had a fandom or two in there; I chose the last two fandoms from some of the less popular fandoms simply because it included the other members who voted that would have otherwise missed out. Therefore, with the above fandoms, I believe everyone who voted will have at east ONE fandom to play in.

I'm changing things a little this year, simply because I'm not quite as organised as I was last year, and also because this August starts on a Tuesday. So we're having a slightly longer lead-up to things, and then we'll get started on Sunday the 6th August, running until Saturday 2 September. I'll post the rules a day or two ahead of getting underway, but if you want to know them before then, check back under the tag 'challenge: august rush' to see what happened last year!

Now, if I'm right, the people who offered to help pick out the graphics this year are agdhani and guineamania! If anyone else wants to help, please let me know in a comment here. If you have preferences over which fandoms you'd like to find the graphics for, let me know here too. We want 20 high res pics - preferably screenshots - for each fandom, and hopefully with either a bunch of different characters/scenes that you think will either produce good graphics or suggest some kind of story to people.

OH! One more thing - those who wanted H50, can you let me know if anyone wants the original, or if you're happy with the reboot? Also, for Marvel fans, does anyone have any preferences over which TV show/movie/s we should focus on?

And that's me for now. I hope you are as excited about this year's choices as I am! ;-)

Weekend Challenge Schedule 2017 - Part Deux!

Hello again! Finally, I have got the second half of the year's Weekend Challenge schedule done!

I'm using the previously assigned nicknames and colours to make it easy to pick your own dates out, and as we have a couple of people who weren't on duty last time, there's a couple of new colours, and I have reassigned a couple too. Hope my nicknames etc suit, but let me know if you strongly object or have another short version of your name you'd prefer me to use!

Please let me know if you will need a reminder when your weekend is coming up. I will normally email or PM reminders on Wed or Thurs of your upcoming weekend, so there's time to find a replacement if for some reason you can't do it.

This six-month period's volunteers are:

guineamania = GUINEA
[personal profile] thatwasjustadream = DREAMY
asphaltcowgrrl = AMY
hanorganaas = HANOR
kitmerlot1213 = KIT
haldoor = HALDOOR
erinm_4600 = ERIN
agdhani = AGDHANI
severina2001 = SEVERINA
katleept = KAT
fairyniamh = FAIRY
sharpiesgal = SHARPIE

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So, everyone I've listed here please advise in a comment if the dates I've assigned are good or not, and I'll organise swaps where needed.

And if anyone else wants to volunteer as back-up (in case someone has to change at the last minute) let me know in a comment here too! Thanks, everyone, and I'm sorry for the delay! ;-)

And just so you know, Erin, you're up this week, unless that's going to be a problem for you - just let me know in a comment!

Thanks again for volunteering, everyone! If anyone else wants to but missed out, let me know - you can have one of mine, or any that others can't do. ;-)